Meet the Teams: NYU Tech Venture Workshop Summer 2022 Cohort

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The NYU Tech Venture Workshop is a three half-day immersive program where faculty, PhD, postdoc and research teams learn how to test the commercial potential of their research directly with customers and partners. Participating teams receive grant funding from the National Science Foundation, coaching, and attend workshops on selecting the right market, customer segment, IP, and more.

The Tech Venture Workshop introduces commercialization methodologies adopted by the NSF, NIH, DOD, DOE, and other federal agencies, including business model design and customer development (AKA the Lean Startup).

Participating teams are subsequently eligible to apply to participate in the NSF I-Corps and Tech Venture Accelerator programs, which collectively award $100,000 in grant funding to further your research commercialization efforts.

Summer 2022 Cohort:

This summer's cohort welcomed project teams from nine separate NYU schools: Abu Dhabi, Courant, Dentistry, FAS, Grossman/Langone Health, Nursing, Steinhardt, Stern and Tandon.

CareMOBI: A mobile health app that streamlines information exchange between nurses and social workers at adult day health centers and primary care providers, to improve communication and outcomes for patients with dimentia.
Team: Tina Sadarangani (Nursing Faculty), Jonelle Boafo (Nursing Researcher)

Eco-inks: Customizable cell-specific bioinks made of recycled waste products, for university researchers using bioprinters for their experiments.
Team: Vijayavenkataraman Sanjairaj (Abu Dhabi Faculty), Soja Soman (Abu Dhabi Researcher), Mano Govindharaj (Abu Dhabi Postdoc), Noura Al Hashimi (Abu Dhabi Researcher)

Fluent: A job preparation platform to prepare STEM students for interviews through interactive videos with mentors.
Team: Alberto Chierici (Abu Dhabi PhD '22), Nizar Habash (Abu Dhabi Faculty), Soojin Lee (Abu Dhabi '23), Bishnu Dev (Abu Dhabi '24)

IGEAY: Rapid testing for multiple viral strains to help stop viral outbreaks before they start.
Team: Terence Murphy (Dentistry '22), Dilan Mehta (Tandon '25)

SimPPL: Digital audience analytics tools for news agencies to optimize subscriber conversion.
Team: Swapneel Mehta (Courant PhD '23), Harshit Agarwal

Stacks Therapeutics: Targeted drug delivery platform for selective and enhanced solid tumor treatments, including pancreatic cancer.
Team: Nathan Beals (Langone Health Postdoc), Anthony Sorrentino (Langone Health Clinician)

Status IQ: Online skills assessment tools to help project-based teams at consulting firms optimize group dynamics and improve performance.
Team: Tessa West (FAS Faculty), Gavin Kilduff (Stern Faculty), Siyu Yu

TremCare: Parkinson's disease assessment and monitoring tools to help neurologists manage disease progression for patients of Parkinson’s, which enables the patients to improve their activities of daily living (ADLs) leading to a higher quality of life.
Team: Matthew Campisi (Tandon Faculty), Joshita Majumdar

VRGaitAnalytics: A game-like VR-based system for balance clinics to assess patient's standing and walking balance, track progress, and rehabilitate balance dysfunction according to each individual’s underlying weaknesses and needs.
Team: Ken Perlin (Courant Faculty), Zhu Wang (Courant Postdoc), Anat Lubetzky (Steinhardt Faculty)

Apply to next TVW Cohort:

If you are an NYU research faculty member with inventions you're interesting in exploring the commercial impact for, consider applying to the next Tech Venture Workshop taking place in September '22.  More information and deadlines can be found on the NYU Tech Venture Workshop page.

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