Entrepreneurial Institute

Announcing the Inaugural Cohort of the Tech Venture Accelerator

Please join us in welcoming the seven ventures selected for the inaugural NYU Tech Venture Accelerator (TVA) cohort. From February-July, these teams will partake in a rigorous program of workshops with subject matter experts, receive mentorship from veteran entrepreneurs and investors, and secure up to $50,000 in milestone-based grant funding from NYU’s Office of the Vice Provost for Research.

The Accelerator is made possible by the generous gift of NYU alumnus and trustee Mark Leslie (Arts ‘66), and his wife Debra. Participating grant recipients will receive the distinction of becoming Mark and Debra Leslie Fellows.

The ventures are all alumni of NYU’s Tech Venture Workshop, the earlier-stage research commercialization training program for NYU faculty working on innovative deeptech developed in NYU’s research labs. The next Tech Venture Workshop will take place on Feb. 22, March 1, and March 8 (9am-2pm ET each day) via Zoom. Apply for the Workshop today to fulfill the prerequisite for the Tech Venture Accelerator.

Building Diagnostic Robotics

AI-enabled robotic systems designed to find building envelope issues by providing inspection reports to building scientists to lower inspection costs and increase safety.

Founders: Bilal Sher (Tandon ‘22), Talha Javed (Tandon ‘23), Sruti Madhusudhan (Tandon ‘23), Chen Feng (Tandon Faculty)

Participated in: Tech Venture Workshop, NSF I-Corps, NYU Innovention (Winner)

Envision Health Tech

A digital eye health company that seeks to combine VR visual testing with AI analytics. Its initial product is a gamified VR visual field test for diagnosing and monitoring glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness.

Founders: Lama Al-Aswad MD, (Fmr. NYU Langone Health), Nicholas Neissa (Tisch ‘19), Vipul Patel, Dinah Chen (Faculty Grossman)

Participated in: Tech Venture Workshop, NSF I-Corps, Max Stenbeck Venture Equity Program


AI-powered and rapidly scalable remote sensor networks that automatically identify and track noise sources and patterns.

Founders: Tae-Hong Park, PhD (Steinhardt Faculty), Christian Staack, Johannes Moenius

Participated in: Tech Venture Workshop

Portable Diagnostic Systems

Portable drug testing devices that help law enforcement officers rapidly screen for drugs on the roadside, saving money and streamlining resource-intensive investigatory steps.

Founders: Glennon Simmons (Fmr. Dentistry Researcher), Igor Muravchik (Stern ‘10)

Participated in: Tech Venture Workshop, NSF I-Corps, NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge (Runner Up)


An easy-to-use machine-learning platform that leverages small data sets (as little as five data points) for 15x faster development of new medicine, materials, and chemicals.

Founders: Daniela Blanco, PhD (Tandon ‘20)

Participated in: NYU Startup Sprint, NYU Summer Launchpad, NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge (Winner), NYU Innovention (Winner), NYU Endless Frontier Labs


Wearable devices that measure engagement and emotional arousal, creating real-time visual responses for audiences in live concerts and performances.

Founders: Dana Bevilacqua (FAS & Steinhardt Researcher & 2017 Graduate), Pablo Ripolles, PhD (FAS & Steinhardt Faculty), Claire Pelofi, PhD (FAS & Steinhardt Postdoc)

Participated in: Tech Venture Workshop, NSF I-Corps, Female Founders Fellowship, Max Stenbeck Venture Equity Program

Vital Audio

Deviceless software which extracts clinical biomarkers (HR, HRV) from patients' speech through conventional phone calls.

Founders: Nyamitse-Calvin Mahinda (Tandon '24), Harsh Sonthalia (Tandon '23), Divya Mehta (Stern '23)

Participated in: Tech Venture WorkshopNSF I-CorpsMax Stenbeck Venture Equity Program