Genade is creating an intelligent web app that digitizes independent insurance agents’ front-desk operations by integrating chatbot framework with popular messaging apps and CRMs.


  • Sara Liu (Stern '22) |
  • Alberto Chierici (Tandon '22) |



NextGen Bootcamp

Computer science summer boot-camps tailored to high school and college students.


  • Zach Cohen (Gallatin '21) |

Rooted Fare

Rooted Fare aims to financially empower immigrant chefs by providing them with resources to successfully turn recipes into commercial products.


  • Ashley Xie (Steinhardt '20)
  • Jasmine Shen (Stern '22)
  • Hedy Yu



Startup Coaching & Mentorship

Coaching appointments are being held virtually while the Leslie eLab is closed due to COVID-19. Sign up below!

Got an idea for a new venture? Need help scaling your startup operations? Don't know where to start? Get one-on-one or group coaching from startup experts at the Entrepreneurial Institute. All students, researchers, faculty, and staff—regardless of area of study, experience, discipline, or NYU school affiliation are eligible to participate.

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    The Startup Coaching Program supports aspiring entrepreneurs at every stage of their startup journey. Whether you just came up with a concept an hour ago or have thought about it for years, the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute gives you - students, faculty, researchers and staff - access to a network of entrepreneurs, venture coaches, and industry experts to help your venture launch and scale.

    The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute offers a variety of resources to support NYU startups at all stages of development including:

      • 1:1 Coaching: Meet with coaches and advisors from inside and outside NYU to get the guidance you need
      • Group Coaching: Learn about the resources available to you with peers who are on the same path as you
      • Community: Share knowledge and best practices, post jobs, and find team members for your venture
      • Resources & Deals: Get exclusive access to deals to help you get started, from software development to online courses

    Who Can Participate
    Anyone currently at NYU can take advantage of the resources offered by the Startup Coaching Program:

    • Current NYU students, faculty, researchers, staff, and their team members
    • Startups at all stages of development
    • No prior experience with entrepreneurship necessary
  • NYU Startup Coaches
    Photo of Frank Rimalovski
    Frank Rimalovski

    Frank heads the Entrepreneurial Institute and is the Managing Director of the NYU Innovation Venture Fund.

    Photo of Rebecca Silver
    Rebecca Silver

    Rebecca is the Associate Director of the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and supports entrepreneurs focused on socio-environmental challenges.

    Photo of Sergei Revzin
    Sergei Revzin

    Sergei Revzin is a Venture Associate for the NYU Innovation Venture Fund where he leads all technology investments.

    Photo of Dee Dao
    Dee Dao

    Dee is a Venture Associate for the NYU Innovation Venture Fund, focusing on investment opportunities in life science and healthcare.

    Photo of Emily Baum.
    Emily Baum

    Emily is Programs Manager for the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute where she coaches and supports early-stage entrepreneurs.

    Photo of Jen Curtis
    Jen Curtis

    Jen is the Senior Operations Manager for the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, and a returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

  • NYU Entrepreneurs & Founders in Residence

    The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute welcomes several startup founders who are alumni of NYU Summer Launchpad, to build their companies out of the Leslie eLab. These founders are available to serve as mentors and advisors to up and coming NYU startups. Meet the Founders in Residence:

    photo of christopher mitchell
    Christopher Mitchell

    PhD (Courant '15), Courant Faculty

    Photo of Mir Hwang
    Mir Hwang

    (CAS '19)

    Photo of Kyleigh Russ
    Kyleigh Russ

    (Wagner '19)
    Govern For America

    Photo of Laura Rocha"
    Laura Rocha

    (Wagner '20)

    Photo of RIley Jones of Bloc
    Riley Jones

    (Law '20)

    Meet our 2019 Entrepreneurs in Residence. These entrepreneurs have founded, sold, or IPO’d successful ventures in tech, consumer products, beauty, healthcare, and more. EIRs provide 1:1 mentorship to NYU startups.

    Photo of Marc Filerman
    Marc Filerman

    3Span Health

    Photo of Ketan Patel
    Ketan Patel

    Chimney Ridge, LLC

    Photo of Dana Mauriello
    Dana Mauriello

    Mighty Business

    note: to meet with one of our EIRs or FIRs, you must be referred by one of the NYU Startup Coaches listed above.

  • NYU Mentor Network
    Photo of Adam Sah
    Adam Sah


    Photo of Adrian Grant
    Adrian Grant

    (Stern ‘05)

    Photo of Alex Meis
    Alex Meis

    (Wagner ‘13)

    Photo of Ali Heron
    Ali Heron

    (Stern '13)
    Two Sigma Ventures

    Photo of Ali Schleider
    Ali Schleider


    Photo of Amy Auton-Smith
    Amy Auton-Smith

    (Wagner '18)

    Photo of Andrew Kangpan
    Andrew Kangpan

    (Stern '13)
    Two Sigma Ventures

    Photo of Avi Fogel
    Avi Fogel

    Majorlee Investments

    Photo of Brian Cohen
    Brian Cohen

    New York Angels

    Photo of Dan Kantor
    Dan Kantor

    (Tisch '05)
    Startup Advisor

    Photo of Dan Melinger
    Dan Melinger

    (Tisch '04)
    Realtime Lab

    Photo of Dana Mauriello
    Dana Mauriello

    Mighty Business

    Photo of David Burstein
    David Burstein

    (Gallatin '12)
    Run for America

    Photo of David Dorsey
    David Dorsey

    Osage University Partners

    Photo of Seung Shin
    David Shin

    (Tandon '15)
    Rosecliff Ventures

    Photo of Edwin Akrong
    Edwin Akrong

    Simon Data

    Photo of Eric Martinez
    Eric Martinez

    (CAS '01)
    VSA Partners

    Photo of Geri Kirilova
    Geri Kirilova

    (Stern '16)
    Laconia Capital Group

    Photo of Gloria Li
    Gloria Li

    (Stern ‘17)
    The Blackstone Group

    Photo of Jesse Wachtel
    Jesse Wachtel

    Industry Index

    Photo of Jessica Goldberg Menis
    Jessica Goldberg Menis

    Wellspring Strategies

    Photo of Jibolu (JG) Ayodele
    Jibolu (JG) Ayodele

    (Stern ‘12)

    Photo of Jim Kelliher
    Jim Kelliher

    Photo of Joseph Schneier
    Joseph Schneier

    Photo of Joe Chittenden-Veal
    Joe Chittenden-Veal

    (GSAS ‘18)
    Invisible Technologies

    Photo of Joe West
    Joe West

    (NYU Lecturer, Tandon)
    Radian Capital

    Photo of John Elton
    John Elton

    (Stern '00)
    Greycroft Partners

    Photo of Ketan Patel
    Ketan Patel

    Chimney Ridge LLC

    Photo of Kristina Chodorow
    Kristina Chodorow

    (CAS ‘07)
    Google Ventures

    Photo of Kunal Mehta
    Kunal Mehta

    (Stern '11)
    Hearst Ventures

    Photo of Kyra Durko
    Kyra Durko

    (Stern ‘19)
    Two Sigma Ventures

    Photo of Lia Zhang
    Lia Zhang

    (Stern ‘17)
    Primary Venture Partners

    Photo of Lily Bernicker
    Lily Bernicker

    Collaborative Fund

    Photo of Lisa Burton
    Lisa Burton


    Photo of Marissa Feinberg
    Marissa Feinberg

    Triple Bottom Why

    Photo of Mark Pinney
    Mark Pinney


    Photo of Meha Patel
    Meha Patel

    (Stern ‘13)
    645 Ventures

    Photo of Michael Montero
    Michael Montero

    (CAS ‘96)

    Photo of Molly O'Shea
    Molly O'Shea

    (Steinhardt ‘17)
    Trail Mix Ventures

    Morgan Polotan

    Genacast Ventures

    Photo of Myriam Sbeiti
    Myriam Sbeiti

    (Tandon ‘18)

    Photo of Nobu Nakaguchi
    Nobu Nakaguchi

    (ITP '10)

    Photo of Olivia Landau
    Olivia Landau

    (Steinhardt ‘13)
    The Clear Cut

    Photo of Priyam Nidhi
    Priyam Nidhi

    (Tandon ‘16)
    The Blackstone Group

    Photo of Rachel Baruch
    Rachel Baruch

    (Gallatin ‘17)
    Anthos Capital

    Photo of Rob Fassino
    Rob Fassino

    (Tisch '88)

    Photo Taffi Ayodele
    Taffi Ayodele

    (CAS ‘04, Stern ‘13)

    Photo of Vince Passioni
    Vince Passione

    (Tandon '83)

    Photo of Yasser Ansari
    Yasser Ansari

    (Tisch '10)
    Polymer Search