MyArthritisRx was created to establish an innovative, evidence-based arthritis self-management program with the goal of empowering you to take control of your arthritis and achieve lasting results.


  • Raj Karia (Langone faculty)



Resprana designs air filters that fits into your style and daily habits. Duo, their main product, leverages its innovative form and disruptive fashion approach to bolster adoption and support setting social standards for air protection. Their patented design and filtration enable a new dynamic form of self-care that fits in with modern life and social trends.


  • Sophie Frank (Stern '17) |
  • Micah Steiger (Stern '18) |



Maxwell Biosciences

Maxwell’s CLAROMER™ brand anti-infectives destroy a broad spectrum of viruses, as shown in preclinical studies and imaging of viral structures.


  • Joshua McClure |
  • Mark Pomeroy |
  • Kent Kirshenbaum (CAS faculty) |
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