Govern for America

Building a pipeline into key roles in states for young leaders to close the talent gap and create better government.


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Yo Stay Hungry

A culinary competition that bridges food, beverage, and hip-hop.


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A platform that connects artists and venues to create unforgettable shows.


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Startup Bootcamps

Startup Bootcamps at the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute are made up of two half-day workshops and a week of customer discovery interviews in between. Teams will learn how to test the value of their ideas and validate (or invalidate) the problem they are hoping to solve for their target customer. As teams work to transform their hypotheses into evidence-based insights, they will refine their businesses and may even make a significant pivot on the road to building a more successful startup.

These immersive sessions are offered three-four times each fall and spring semester. NYU students, faculty, and researcher-led teams are welcome to apply. Startup Bootcamp applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but if you want to be considered for the next cohort, apply at least two weeks before the next Bootcamp starts.

The Startup Bootcamps are the first stepping stone in your NYU Startup Accelerator journey. Select teams who participate in a bootcamp will be invited to apply early for the one-to-two week immersive Startup Sprints, held each January, May and August.

NEW FOR NYU FACULTY/RESEARCHERS: Each semester we hold a special half day bootcamp for NYU founders exploring deep/frontier technologies in life sciences, physical sciences and information technology. NYU faculty, PhD, post-docs and researchers (and their co-founders/collaborators) who have technologies they're interested in commercializing should come in for startup coaching to learn more, or apply today using the same application (select Faculty/Deep Tech Bootcamp option).

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    What You Can Expect

    The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute offers Customer Discovery Bootcamps for startups to learn the fundamentals of the Lean Startup approach and test the value of your solution with your future customers and partners by Getting Out of the Building

    About Customer Discovery Bootcamps:

    Each bootcamp is a two half-day commitment, held select Fridays during the semester at the Leslie eLab. Accepted teams can expect:

    • In advance of the bootcamp: Come prepared having completed readings and presentations
    • Day 1: Customer discovery workshops led by the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute teaching and coaching team; Participants will also each present their venture ideas and receive feedback during the session
    • Between Day 1 & 2: In the week between each session, each team will endeavor to complete at least five interviews with their potential target customers and partners; Teams will also be offered dedicated coaching appointments from the Startup Coaching Program
    • Day 2: Each team presents on what they learned from customer discovery, and receives "radical candor" feedback from the coaching team; The bootcamp concludes with an overview of select follow-on resources available to bootcamp participants
    • Following the bootcamp: Teams will be offered continued coaching, and select teams will be invited to interview for the next Startup Sprint (only 30% of Sprint applicants make it to the interview round, so you'll have made the cut!)
    Who It's For

    Startup Bootcamps are open to any NYU student, Faculty or researcher-led team from across NYU who have:

    • An idea for a startup
    • Demonstrated passion for the problem you hope to solve with your idea
    • Preference given to teams with two or more members
    • Preference given to diverse and multi-disciplinary teams
    • Be committed to attending BOTH of the half-day sessions
    • No prior business or startup experience is necessary.
    Bootcamp Dates
    • Pre-Bootcamp: February 14 (1:00-3:00pm) [apply via regular bootcamp application]
    • Customer Discovery Bootcamp 1: February 21 (1:30-5:30pm) & February 28 (1:30-5:30pm)
    • Customer Discovery Bootcamp 2: April 3 (10am-2pm) & April 10 (10am-2 pm): Application is due March 13.
    • Faculty and Deep Tech Bootcamp: April 24 (2:00-6:00pm) [Only one half-day]

    Want a participant's perspective on the program? Check out this blog post!
    Apply today by submitting a short application.