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Vision Voice helps companies & startups, who are seeking to diversify their engineering teams, hire and retain female Black, Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) software engineers, who are seeking access to sustainable careers in tech.


  • Dessa Shepherd (Steinhardt '19) |


Fardah Roshan Academy

Fardah Roshan Academy is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit dedicated to increasing the literacy rate in Afghanistan by recruiting women in the community to invite neighborhood children to their homes and teach them how to read and write.


  • Zarina Akbary (GSAS '21) |


CoStudy automates the administration of team projects/activities in the classroom, giving professors more time, knowledge, and resources to empower their learners with the skills needed to succeed post-graduation.


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  • Neev Mittal (Courant '22) |
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Startup Bootcamp

The Startup Bootcamp at the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute is the first stepping stone in the award-winning NYU Startup Accelerator Program.

Bootcamps are two half-day workshops and a week of customer discovery interviews in between. Selected teams will learn how to test the value of their ideas and validate (or invalidate) the problem they are solving for their target customer. As teams work to transform their assumptions into insights, they will refine their businesses and may even pivot on the road to building a more successful startup.

Bootcamps are designed for teams who have shown commitment to moving their ideas forward and have been working on their idea-stage venture for ~2–6 months before applying. Completing a Bootcamp is a prerequisite for the Startup Sprint and Female Founders Fellowship (>95% of teams accepted into these programs completed the Bootcamp).

Bootcamps are offered twice each Fall/Spring semester, and once during the summer. NYU students and staff are welcome to apply. You can find all application questions here, if you would like to draft your answers before applying.

The deadline for the '24 Summer Bootcamp is Monday, June 3 @ 6pm ET

  • Bootcamp dates are: Day 1 - June 21 [1-6pm] & Day 2 - July 12 [1-6pm] + Designated Team coaching on July 1.

* Bootcamps are held virtually over Zoom.


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    What You Can Expect

    The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute offers Customer Discovery Bootcamps for startups to learn the fundamentals of the Lean Startup approach and test the value of their solutions with future customers and partners by Getting Out of the Building.

    About Customer Discovery Bootcamps:

    Each Bootcamp is a two half-day commitment and is held on select Fridays during the semester virtually over Zoom. Here's what accepted teams can expect:

    • In Advance of the Bootcamp: Come prepared having completed readings and presentations
    • Day 1: Customer discovery workshops led by the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute teaching and coaching team; Participants will also each present their venture ideas and receive feedback during the session
    • Between Day 1 & 2: In the week between each session, each team will endeavor to complete at least five interviews with their potential target customers and partners;
    • Designated Team 1-on-1 Coaching  will also be offered by appointment only. Coaches will be selected to work with designated teams. This information will be shared on acceptance into the bootcamp program.
    • Day 2: Each team presents on what they learned from customer discovery and receives "radical candor" feedback from the coaching team; The Bootcamp concludes with an overview of select follow-on resources available to Bootcamp participants. *We offer two dates for Day 2 and teams can select which Day 2 date works best for their team.
    • Following the Bootcamp: Teams will be offered continued coaching, and select teams will be invited to interview for the next Startup Sprint (only 30% of Sprint applicants make it to the interview round, so you'll have made the cut!)
    Who It's For

    Bootcamps are open to all NYU student, faculty, or researcher-led teams who:

    • Have an idea for a startup
    • Have demonstrated passion for the problem they hope to solve with their idea
    • Are committed to attending BOTH the half-day sessions
    • NOTE: Preference is given to teams with two or more members; No prior business or startup experience is necessary!

    NYU faculty, PhD students, clinicians, and researchers who are working on innovative scientific research, technologies, and ventures in fields such as biotech/life sciences, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, robotics, cleantech, blockchain, advanced material science, photonics and electronics, and quantum computing should consider applying instead to the Tech Venture Workshop. The Tech Venture Workshop is similar to the Startup Bootcamp, but it is sponsored by the National Science Foundation and purpose built for deep tech/biotech ventures. Learn more about the Tech Venture Workshop here.

    Bootcamp Dates

    The deadline for the '24 Summer Bootcamp is Monday, June 3 @ 6pm ET

    • Bootcamp dates are: Day 1 - June 21 [1-6pm] & Day 2 - July 12 [1-6pm] + Designated Team coaching on July 1.

    Want a participant's perspective on the program? Check out this blog post!

    If you would like to draft your answers before applying, you can find all of the application questions here.