Leslie eLab

The Mark and Debra Leslie Entrepreneurs Lab is a 6,800-square-foot facility in the heart of the Washington Square campus where aspiring NYU entrepreneurs from across all of NYU’s schools and colleges—be they students, faculty, or researchers—can meet to connect, collaborate, and tap into a vast array resources to help develop their ideas and inventions into startup companies.

Hours of Operation:

Mon - Thu: 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Fri: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Host your startup meetings here.

  • Tell Me More
    The Leslie eLab features flexibly configured co-working spaces, meeting rooms, an event space, and a prototyping lab to encourage interaction, prototyping, and collaboration so essential in the development of entrepreneurial ideas.



    to the Leslie eLab!

    Who’s It for?
    Anyone currently at NYU can take advantage of the resources offered by the Leslie eLab

    • Current NYU students, faculty, researchers, staff
    • No appointment necessary
    • No prior experience with entrepreneurship necessary
    • Startups at all stages of development
    Where Is It?

    16 Washington Place
    (at Greene Street)
    New York City 10003
    (212) 992-6070

  • Prototyping Lab

    The Leslie eLab is home to the Prototyping Lab, a space that provides access to 3D printers, a laser cutter, and other building tools. Learn more about the Prototyping Lab.

  • FAQs

    I am looking for team members. Is there a way I can connect with people here? How?
    Yes, check our Need it/Got it Wall. You can ask for a sticker to add to it at the front desk.

    I have an idea, but I don’t know how to start planning. What do I do?
    Book an appointment with the Startup Coaching Program.

    Do you have events where I can learn how to program/develop something?
    Check out the Startup School workshop series, which we run and update every semester.

    How can I use the laser cutter/3D printer?
    You can use the laser cutter and 3D printer after completing a Prototyping Lab training. After your training, the prototyping lab guardian will often be present to help you out. What you print/cut must be directly relevant to a business idea or project.

    How can I book space/a conference room?
    Conference rooms can be booked online. Space booking follows a first come, first serve system. Please note that meetings must be entrepreneurial in purpose.

    Who can book space?
    Current NYU students, faculty, and researchers. Conference rooms can be booked online.

    Can I print at the Leslie eLab?
    No, the Leslie eLab is going green. Please visit Bobst Library or the Academic Resource Center for printing.

    I’m in an entrepreneurial club and would like to reserve a room to host a meeting/event. How do I do that?
    If you collaborate with another entrepreneurial club through the NYU Entrepreneurs Network (NYUEN), we will ensure your event has a reserved space, promote your event on our website, and even help sponsor the event through the Collaboration Fund.

    I’m interested in filming and holding an audition. Can I do that at the Leslie eLab?
    No. However, our friendly neighbor, the Production Lab, will take your request. The NYU Production Lab is a creative content incubator that helps the next generation design and launch thriving careers in creative industries through programming, experiential learning, and financial investment. For more information, email ProductionLab@nyu.edu or check out their website.