VentureWell E-Team Grants

VentureWell is a non-profit organization that funds and train student inventors and entrepreneurs who want to address important problems in the world through new technology-based ventures. Their E-Team Program provides funding, immersive workshops, and specialized coaching to student STEM innovators to help them move their inventions into the marketplace.

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    Who Is It For?

    • Science & technology innovations with a positive impact on society and/or environment.
    • Multidisciplinary teams of current students working together to bring a technology-based product/service to market.
    • Minimum of two students (grad or undergrad)

    What Are The Application Requirements?

    • 2+ current students (not necessarily NYU) for duration of Stage 1 grant period
    • Support from a PI (faculty, center advisor)
    • Support from NYU Grant Officer
    • Other mentors/advisor support suggested
    • Recommendation from Entrepreneurial Institute (we can provide up to 3 per cohort)

    What Is The Deadline?

    There are three e-team program cycles per year: one in the fall (October deadline); one in the winter (January/February deadline), and one in the spring (May deadline). Typically VentureWell opens the call for applications about 6-8 weeks before the deadline. Teams can begin writing their proposal narrative at any time.

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    What Types of Projects are eEligible to Apply?

    • Science & technology innovations that are scalable, commercially promising, and have a positive impact on society and/or environment
    • Biomedical devices, healthcare solutions
    • Clean-tech or green/sustainability projects
    • Tech for low-resource settings (poverty, affordable energy, clean water, health, education, etc.)
    • Other projects that can show a material positive social impact

    Application Checklist:

    • Complete full application (project overview, team member resumes, letters of support)
    • Inform the NYU Grant Office of your project and intention to apply for grant (
    • Submit completed draft of application to Frank Rimalovski at at least one-week prior to application deadline to request a letter of support from the Entrepreneurial Institute
    • Receive up to 3 letters of support (one is required and needs to be from Entrepreneurial Institute, the additional 2 are optional)