Meet the Teams: NYU Tech Venture Workshop Spring 2022 Cohort

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The NYU Tech Venture Workshop is a three half-day immersive program where faculty, PhD, postdoc and research teams learn how to test the commercial potential of their research directly with customers and partners. Participating teams receive grant funding from the National Science Foundation, coaching, and attend workshops on selecting the right market, customer segment, IP, and more.

The Tech Venture Workshop introduces commercialization methodologies adopted by the NSF, NIH, DOD, DOE, and other federal agencies, including business model design and customer development (AKA the Lean Startup).

Participating teams are eligible to apply to participate in the NSF I-Corps Program and Tech Venture Accelerator, receive $100,000 in grant funding, to further their research commercialization efforts.

Are you interested in participating in the NYU Tech Venture Workshop? Apply to be a part of our Summer 2022 cohort taking place this July! More information and deadlines can be found on the NYU Tech Venture Workshop page.

Spring 2022 Cohort:

Biospoke: Enhanced programming of mammalian cells to endow them with bespoke cellular programs.
Team: Julie Trolle (Grossman PhD, '22), Sudarshan Pinglay, PhD (Grossman Post-doc), Jef Boeke, PhD (Grossman Faculty)

MarsCharge, Inc.: MarsChargers are platforms that combines advanced electric vehicle charging technology with intelligent decentralized energy storage systems. Our first product is the MarsCharger Lite, the ‘Jerry Can’ for EVs, a mobile EV charger that can also provide power to homes, equipment, and electronic devices.
Team: Michael Marczi (CAS, '19)

PerioLig: A biomimetic coating for dental implants that decreases chronic infection and improves cosmetic appearance.
Team: Leena Palomo, DDS, MSD (Dentistry Faculty), Steve Eppell, PhD

Remunix: Antibody-based therapeutics for cancer and autoimmune disease that reshape immunity in disease lesions.
Team: Jun Wang, PhD (Grossman Faculty), Yue Liu, PhD

Scooplets: A reliable, credible, trustworthy source of news and information that can be used by freelance journalists, on-site reporters and news agencies.
Team: Hasan Aljabbouli, PhD (Courant, Faculty), Osama Abu Oun, PhD

Siregen: Topically applied compound that accelerates skin wound healing in diabetes.
Team: Daniel Ceradini, MD (Grossman Faculty), Piul Rabbani, PhD (Grossman Faculty),

Tethys AI: A web-based AI educational program for radiologists, offering customized skill analysis and online training for diagnostic radiologists’ image interpretation.
Team: Laura Heacock, MD (Grossman, Faculty), Ebrahim Rasromani (Center for Data Science, '22), Krzysztof Geras, PhD (Grossman Faculty)

Third Eye Technologies: Automated, research-grade eye tracking that can be used by general neurologists and ophthalmologists.
Team: Todd Hudson, PhD (Grossman Faculty), Kshitij Gaikwad (Tandon, '22)

Vital Audio: An app/ software interfaced with a provider system, for contactless real-time measurement of patient’s vitals.
Team: Nyamitse-Calvin Mahinda (Tandon, '25), Devjoy Dev, PhD (Tandon, Researcher) Farokh Atashzar, PhD (Tandon, Faculty)


Apply to next TVW Cohort:

If you are an NYU research faculty member with inventions you're interesting in exploring the commercial impact for, consider applying to the next Tech Venture Workshop taking place in July '22.  More information and deadlines can be found on the NYU Tech Venture Workshop page.

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