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Tech Venture Program + NSF I-Corps = $100,000 & Training to Commercialize NYU Research

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New programs augment the resources and support for research commercialization at NYU. The three-part Tech Venture Program for faculty, PhD students, postdocs, and researchers offers training, mentorship, and more than $100,000 in non-dilutive commercialization grants to select Mark & Debra Leslie Fellows. If you're interested in taking part in these programs, apply today for the next Tech Venture Workshopor reach out to entrepreneur@nyu.edu with questions.

NYU, along with our partners at CUNY, Columbia and others, were recently recognized for our excellence in research commercialization with a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to establish an I-Corps Hub. The Hub will create a regional network of universities that help researchers learn how to translate fundamental research to the marketplace.

In 2021, the Entrepreneurial Institute announced the creation of the NYU Technology Venture Program (TVP) to fund and support technology commercialization by teams of NYU faculty, PhD students, postdocs, and researchers. Given the similarity of vision and scope for both the I-Corps and TVP, we are combining and aligning them to provide even more robust support, training and funding (over $100,000) for the commercialization of NYU research and innovations.

The first step is participation in the NYU Technology Venture Workshop (TVW), which is held several times a year (via Zoom - open to Global participants). In the TVW, teams of faculty entrepreneurs and their PhD/postdoc teams will learn how to test the commercial potential of their research. Upon successful completion of the TVW, all participating teams are eligible to and encouraged to apply to the NSF I-Corps Program. Upon the successful completion of NSF I-Corps, teams will be invited to apply to the NYU Technology Venture Accelerator (TVA).

This new approach brings three additional benefits to participating NYU researchers:

  1. Over $100,000 in total funding: Teams that successfully participate in the TVW, NSF I-Corps and TVA are eligible to receive a total of $101,000 in non-dilutive grant funding to support your customer development and research commercialization efforts.
  2. No travel required: The NSF recently announced that they are running all of I-Corps cohorts virtually through 2022. Thus, teams no longer have to take the time nor spend their precious funding to travel to the host city to participate in I-Corps. Your participation in the TVW and I-Corps can be completed from the comfort and convenience of your home, office or lab.
  3. More cohorts to choose from: The TVW is already offered 4-5 times a year, and the NSF I-Corps program is offered at least 12 times each year, making it more likely you will find a cohort that will work with your teams schedule (vs the 1 time a year we were able to offer the Technology Venture Launchpad). See here for the current schedule of NSF I-Corps Cohorts.

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About the Technology Venture Accelerator

The Technology Venture Accelerator (TVA) is a six-month program to continue to support teams that participated in the Technology Venture Workshop and NSF I-Corps. The TVA follows on the I-Corps programs with funding, continuing education and mentorship from startup investors and entrepreneurs to address the implementation and execution of the venture’s business model. Topics covered include SBIR/STTR and venture funding, legal and intellectual property, regulatory matters, sales and marketing, hiring and retaining talent, and engineering and manufacturing, among others. The cohort will meet twice monthly as a group, and each team will meet at least once a month with a members of the teaching team and with an external mentors. Participating teams receive up to $50,000 in milestone-based grant funding for additional technology and product development. Selected grant recipients will be designated Mark & Debra Leslie Fellows. The TVA is offered once a year with approximately 8-10 teams per cohort. Teams of two or more that have participated in the NSF I-Corps programs will be invited to apply.