Meet the Teams: 2021 NYU Tech Venture Workshop

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The NYU Tech Venture Workshop is a three half-day immersive program where faculty, PhD, postdoc and research teams learn how to test the commercial potential of their research directly with customers and partners. Participating teams receive grant funding from the National Science Foundation, coaching, and attend workshops on selecting the right market, customer segment, IP, and more.

The Tech Venture Workshop introduces commercialization methodologies adopted by the NSF, NIH, DOD, DOE, and other federal agencies, including business model design and customer development (AKA the Lean Startup).

Participating teams are eligible to apply to participate in the Tech Venture Launchpad and Tech Venture Accelerator, receive up to $50,000 in grant funding, as Mark & Debra Leslie Tech Venture Fellows, to further their research commercialization efforts. Teams are also eligible to apply to participate in the NSF I-Corps program, will be invited to attend workshops and office hours to apply for SBIR/STTR grants, and will be well poised to raise venture funding in the future.

Are you interested in participating in the NYU Tech Venture Workshop? Apply to be a part of our Summer 2022 cohort! More information and deadlines can be found on the NYU Tech Venture Workshop page.


Fall 2021 Cohorts:

12DoF: Automatic generation of realistic motions for 3D characters used in gaming design.
Team: Daniel Purpura (Stern '23), Huaijiang Zhu (Tandon PhD), Avadesh Meduri (Tandon PhD), Anshul Agrawal (Tandon '23)

Auctus Data: A feature catalog that automatically indexes data from multiple sources and determines if they are likely to improve ML models.
Team: Aécio Santos (Tandon PhD), Juliana Freire (Tandon Faculty), Rémi Rampin (Tandon Researcher)

Emera Care: a platform for patients and caregivers in West Africa to book appointments with doctors and laboratories.
Team: Hassane Kone (Gallatin Adjunct Faculty), Youmati Sirima, Koku Egbetoke

EmotiBit: is a wearable biometric sensor that makes it easy and affordable to sense research-grade biometric signals in a diversity of contexts.
Team: Suzanne Dikker (GSAS Researcher), Sean Montgomery

EaseeBot: Drone deployed AI platform for property managers to inspect their buildings to identify energy and water leaks.
Team: Xuchu Xu (Tandon PhD), Daniel Lu (Tandon PhD), Bilal Sher (Tandon ‘22), Chen Feng (Tandon Faculty), Semiha Ergan (Tandon Faculty)

Gamifeye: is an interactive virtual reality visual field solution for patients undergoing regular visual field testing, such as those with diagnoses of glaucoma or other optic neuropathies.
Team: Dinah Chen (Grossman Faculty), Lama Al-Aswad (Grossman Faculty, Langone Health Staff), Shy Shoham (Grossman Faculty, Langone Health Staff), Vipul Patel (Langone Health Staff)

GrooveChain: Music NFT creation software to help fans connect with their “idols,” while providing legends/stars new revenue streams. 
Team: Alex Ruthmann (Shanghai Faculty), Barbara Wang

Immuno-lock: Our novel nanoplasmonic microarray biosensor allows rapid and high sensitive quantification of multiplexed cytokines. We envisage its utility in immunophenotyping of patients with COVID19 or alike infectious diseases.
Team: Prayag Desai (Tandon '23), Nia Javier (Tandon '23), Nawab Singh Bhati (Tandon PhD)

LiveWire Technologies: Electrically-conductive, biocompatible, robust protein wires that can withstand the body and brain’s complex environment.
Team: Julia Monkovic (GSAS ‘23), Jonathan Sun (Tandon, GSAS PhD)

Malware Discoverer: Advanced detection system against URL-redirection attacks to help enterprise cybersecurity customers to reduce risks and facilitate investigations.
Team: Zhouhan Chen (Tandon PhD), Juliana Freire (Tandon Faculty)

Metaverse for Enhancing Mental Health: A metaverse version of “MindSpa” that uses wearable health monitoring sensors to automatically create a customized unique metaverse for each individual doing daily meditation and relaxation. 
Team: Qi Sun (Tandon Faculty), Shuaiwen Leon Song

PianofortAid: Provides technology to optimize hearing-aid devices for Hearing-aid users in dynamic listening environments.
Team: Andrew Chang (GSAS Postdoc), Joan Orpella (GSAS Postdoc)

ProteoShell: A site-targeted drug delivery vehicle constructed from a novel protein that can act as a diagnostic and therapeutic agent for treating Glioblastoma.
Team: Neta Ben Or (Tandon ‘22), Andrew Wang, Appy Bhattacharya

Quiescent Quantum ComputingA large-scale quantum computer accessible via the cloud.
Team: Tim Byrnes (Shanghai Faculty), Valentin Ivannikov (Shanghai Researcher)

Smart Wearable Voice Dosimeter: Our voice dosimeter will track voice use and support patients going through voice therapy in practicing their voice exercises and monitoring their voice use.
Team: S. Farokh Atashzar (Tandon Faculty), Aaron Johnson (Grossman Faculty)

UBet: A decentralized sports exchange that enables sports derivative trading for European and Latin American Soccer markets.
Team: Daniel J. Im (GSAS PhD), Alexander Kondratskiy

Spring 2021 Cohorts:

EyeNeuro: is an advanced 3D medical imaging system that detects asymptomatic brain diseases by monitoring the retina layers.
Team: Behnam Tayebi (Langone Health Postdoc), Farnaz Sharif (Langone Health Postdoc)

FloodSense: provides reliable, accurate and cost-effective remote sensing solutions  for to monitor floods in real time.
Team: Praneeth Challagonda (Tandon ‘21), Charlie Mydlarz (Tandon Researcher)

FoodBee: is a more efficient food delivery dispatch system for existing food delivery companies by incorporating order transfers.
Team: Abhinav Bhattacharyya (Tandon PhD), Mingyi He (Tandon PhD), Zhexi Fu (Tandon PhD)

Haptodont: is a virtual reality and haptic learning tool for dental trainees through which they can rapidly learn patient treatment skills in a low cost and safe manner.
Team: Mohamad Eid (Abu Dhabi Faculty), Muhammad Hassan Jamil (Abu Dhabi Faculty), Peter Loomer (Dentistry Faculty), Dianne Sefo (Dentistry Faculty)

Lattice Network Insights: is a subject matter expert (SME) network, providing technical expertise in materials and nanoscience domains. 
Team: Jacob Trevino (Tandon Staff), Roxana Piotrowska, Frederick Pearsall

MotionCure: is a virtual reality biofeedback application to train users against motion sickness through biofeedback.
Team: Nastaran Arfaei (GSAS PhD), Taraneh Meshkani

Nano3D: is a nanotechnology platform that harnesses DNA self-assembly to address ecological and technological challenges imposed by modern nanoelectronics fabrication.
Team: Yoel Ohayon (FAS Faculty), Simon Vecchioni (FAS Postdoc), Karol Woloszyn (CAS ‘20), Brandon Lu (CAS ‘21)

NanoSpray: offers solution processable technologies to solar panel manufacturers in both the established CdTe space and emerging perovskite solar space to improve the overall cell efficiency of back-contacts.
Team: Ed Sartor (Tandon PhD), Jason Rӧhr (Tandon Postdoc) and Jason Lipton (Tandon PhD)

OraLiva: is an AI enabled point-of-care diagnostic tool for use in early disease detection including evaluating suspicious oral lesions via capture of hundreds of measurements from single cells obtained from a noninvasive brush biopsy.
Team: John T. McDevitt (Dentistry Faculty), Glennon W. Simmons (Dentistry Researcher), Nick Christodoulides, Michael McRae

OsteoSonics: is a focused ultrasound responsive carriers and associated energy delivery systems to address post operative wound healing in bone, for clinicians performing craniomaxillofacial surgery.
Team: David Hodges (Dentistry ‘22), EJ Tremols, Chris Carpenter

Pheniqs: is a configurable tool for decoding arbitrarily complex synthetic barcodes in high-throughput DNA sequencing assays that is both scalable and highly accurate.
Team: Lior Galanti (Abu Dhabi Researcher), Alan Twaddle (Abu Dhabi Researcher), Kris Gunsalus (Abu Dhabi Faculty)

Ready Set Go: is the first writing tool for librettists, lyricists, and composers of musical theater, to eliminate versioning challenges and translate scores to scripts so the creative teams can focus on what they do best: Create new worlds.
Team: Andrew Lazarow (Tisch Adjunct Faculty), Kat Sullivan (Tisch Adjunct Faculty)

Rezonn Biosystems: is a realtime food allergen sensor with instant notification for food allergy patients.
Team: Iwao Teraoka (Tandon Faculty), Natalie Luo (Tandon Researcher)

XGraphene: manufactures commercial Epitaxial Graphene (EG), and providing high-quality, high-specs EG samples to R&D teams.
Team: Elisa Riedo (Tandon Faculty), Alessandra Zanut (Tandon Faculty), Martin Rejhon (Tandon Postdoc), Francesco Lavini (Tandon PhD ‘21)

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