Meet the team: Veccnet

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Some of the top NYU startups participate in the NYU Summer Launchpad accelerator program. In this series, we will introduce you to one team a week so that you can get to know the 2020 cohort. 

This blog post was written by Kim Mahler (CUSP Postdoc), co-founder of Veccnet.

Commercial drones enable new services such as inspection of large infrastructure, delivery of goods, or agricultural services. These autonomous drones fly beyond visual line of sight and require a ubiquitous and dependable connectivity between ground station and drones.

Customer discovery confirmed that drone connectivity is a key problem for commercial drone operators, and that current solutions do not meet the aviation requirements. Satellite communication permits global coverage, but is expensive to operate. 4G-LTE has a limited coverage area and cannot guarantee the required communication performance, such as latency or bitrate. 5G might provide suitable links in the future, but its deployment will take an unknown number of years.

Veccnet offers a worldwide drone connectivity service with a unique reliability level. At the core of Veccnet is an innovative technology (patent pending), which leverages the prioritized voice channel for reliable and low-latency drone communication. The solution uses any mobile network infrastructure (2G/3G/4G/5G) to deliver 95% of the world with superior connectivity.

After years of research and technology development, the performance of our solution is currently being validated in pilot projects with major partners and potential customers. The ultimate goal of Veccnet is to become the industry standard for safety-critical communications to autonomous drones flying beyond visual line of sight.

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