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NYU Prototyping Fund Spring '16 Showcase

On Monday May 2nd, our Sixth NYU Prototyping Fund Showcase took place at the Greenhouse Innovation Space at NYU Tandon. Visitors (students, faculty and staff) came to see the prototypes that the eight teams (undergraduates and graduates), recipients of the NYU Prototyping Fund (a collaborative program between Greenhouse Innovation Space at NYU Tandon School of Engineering and NYU Entrepreneurial Institute), had developed during the semester. Check out the photos from the event here.

Multiple schools and programs across NYU were represented: NYU Shanghai, School of Medicine, School of Dentistry, Stern School of Business, Tandon School of Engineering and Tisch, School of the Arts.  The projects ranged from information technology to sustainable environment, space exploration to complex medical procedures.

The ideas and prototypes were at different stages, but all prototypes showed a lot of efforts in testing and refining their ideas. From discussing with the teams, what really emerged was their understanding of the iterative nature of the process. Some focused on only a part of their ideas; others tested the concept; and all had learnt from this experiment and were ready to refine and test further their ideas.

Providing a space for students to iterate and experiment is an essential element of the Prototyping Fund and it was as always great to see the results of the teams’ work during the semester.  Good luck to all the teams as they explore their ideas further.

We are also looking forward to support other student teams in the Fall.

Check the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute website for updates on the application deadline.

List of the projects exhibited at the Spring’ 16 Showcase:

  • Aeolian – a system that controls the air quality at home and allows the user to remotely monitor and control the purifier. Xiaoyue Gong, Yu Zhou & Yuting Gong from NYU Shanghai, Parth Sing from NYU Tandon, Andrew Chee from NYU Stern 
  • Artificial Creativity –  a machine that utilizes artificial neural networks to imbue a machine with what’s often considered to be a human trait; creativity. The prototype can draw, and sculpt. Craig Pickard from NYU Tisch
  • Brainwave InstruFACE – Brainwave InstruFACE is a biosensing system which integrates a musical instrument with human facial expressions and play tunes and melodies accordingly. Fan-Hao Tseng, Yue Hu, Fengyuan Zhu, Peiyu Luo from NYU Tisch
  • CanthoRX – Innovative tool for a highly complicated medical procedure called a lateral canthotomy. Manavjeet Sidhu from Stern, Paul Curtiss from School of Medicine, Harsheen Sidhu from School of Dentistry
  • Emerge Computer – Sub-$60 personal computing system for emerging markets. Designed to be high durable, it can be used for basic education and administrative purposes. Karan Magu from NYU Stern, Corey Moses from NYU Tandon
  • Let it Grow – A soil hydration system that monitors and operates through an iOS app and solves plant watering problems. Maksym Gusak, Sheng Xiang Guo and William Wong from NYU Tandon
  • Musical Mats – Music Mats is a wireless musical mat for children with disabilities that facilitates collaborative movement and sound projects.Jason Beck, Satbir Multani, Jared Friedman and Osama Sehgol from NYU Tisch
  • ORION I Mars Rover –  A rover that performs different challenging tasks such as terrain traversing, sample retrieval and analysis, and manipulation task. Dmytro Moyseyev, Kevin Veerasamy, Saadman Chowdhury, Mohit Lala from NYU Tandon 
This story was previously published on Greenhouse Innovation Space website.