Entrepreneurial Institute

Announcing the Fall ’16 Prototyping Fund Awardees!

The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and the Tandon Greenhouse are pleased to announce the awardees for our 7th NYU Prototyping Fund cohort! We received a record-setting 55 applications from teams of students from every corner of the University. Ten different NYU schools were represented among the applicants, and 15 of the submissions were collaborations between students from two or more NYU schools.

As it's been done for past cohorts, NYU Prototyping Fund awards teams up to $500 to be used to build and test hardware and software prototypes. In the past, we’ve selected ~8-10 teams and awarded a total of $4,000. This semester, the quantity and quality of applications was so high that we’ve stepped it up, and chose 15 teams representing seven NYU schools to receive awards totaling over $6,000!

Check out the awardees below, and save the date for the final showcase on Tuesday, December 6th at noon to see what awesome prototypes these teams build.

Fall ’16 Prototyping Fund Awardees

Arya: A tamper-resistant pill bottle equipped with a timing mechanism to ensure single pill delivery.  Jules Brenner, Tandon; Artin Perse, Tandon

Assisted Living Digital: An IoT prototype to demonstrate taking care of elders can be simplified with technology. For example, detecting when someone hasn't gotten out of bed after his usual time, or finding a lost senior with dementia. Joshua Denholtz, Stern; Richard Sheng, Stern

EDC Helper: An electrical circuit that will be capable of generating electrical pulses to prevent uterine wall contractions during premature labor. Ashwin Raj Kumar, Tandon

Filament Maker: A process that turns shredded recycled plastic bottles into thin filament to use on any 3D printer. Dakota Marin, Tandon; Roshaun Morris, Tandon

Food Computer: A controlled-environment agriculture technology platform that uses robotic systems to control and monitor climate, energy, and plant growth inside of a specialized growing chamber. Omar Gowayed, Tandon; Jonas Gunther, Tandon; Selim Senocak, Tandon

Humble: A portable solar powered phone charger for refugees in camps. Mary Gao, Stern; Kohtaro Kosugiyama, CAS; Christina Perry, Gallatin

IoT for ICU: A communication and room control device for ventilator dependent patients in pediatric and adult intensive care with limited mobility. The device will use eye tracking to communicate with an app to communicate and trigger items in the room. Mark Arroz, Steinhardt; Jason Beck, Tisch (ITP); YiWei Hsu, Tandon

ParkAlong: A system in which road sensors based on Bluetooth technology are pasted on driveways of homes, wirelessly communicates to receiver (Raspberry pi) & when parking space has been occupied a phone (GSM) module sends a message to the home owner that it has been occupied. Abhimanyu Dhawan, Tandon; Debarpan Mukherjee, Tandon; Sarvesh Sivaprakasam, Tandon; Shammeem Ashraf Syed, Tandon

Periph: An opensource ecosystem of specialized peripheral devices for smartphonesin order to offload computation and display to phones that everybody already carries. Mithru Vigneshwara Swarna, Tisch (ITP)

Power Punch: A space saving punching bag that can translate mechanical energy into electrical energy to charge a battery. It will use a pivoting punching stem made of canvas and 3d printed gear base to capture movement of the stem, which will be fed into a generator to charge a small battery. Arvi Gjoka, Courant; Dominique Lufrano, Gallatin

Project Avocado: Cupboards (in the NYU Tandon basement) used to exchange food; using a key card lock system that reads NYU ID cards. A bar-coded sticker dispenser will provide details of when the food was given and by whom. The bar-codes can be scanned to get information on a display. Emma Hoffman, Gallatin; Rodney Lobo, Tandon; Michael Niamehr, CAS

Resprana: A wearable filter for the nose and mouth that utilizes the efficiency of existing filters, but is smaller and more comfortable. Sophie Frank, Stern; Sukanya Goswami, Tandon; Andrea McDonald, Stern

Service Drone: A drone with a 3D printed chassis, containing an Arduino that connects to a camera, microphone, WiFi and GPS antenna, and a propellor motor. The prototype will communicate with a computer to perform extensive calculations rather than performing them onboard. Aidan Collins, Tandon; Kristen Moser, Tandon; Sevde Talubas, Tandon; Lazarus Toshi, Tandon

The Digitizer: A prosthetic arm built using flexible 3D printing filament for better articulation, and a battery and servo motors and string for wrist/finger movements. Arduino, sensors, and an EMG board register muscle tension in the arm to enable finger movement. Ramon Castillo, Tandon; Ronald Cossich, Tandon; Angelica Negron, Tisch; Brienne Renfurm, CAS

Virtus: A system of estimote beacons placed in an indoor location to evaluate if it's accurate enough for a blind person to safely navigate through it. Mariano Metallo, Tandon