Entrepreneurial Institute

Meet the Spring ’15 Prototyping Fund Awardees!

The Greenhouse at the School of Engineering and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute are pleased to announce the fourth cohort of Prototyping Fund awardees! This semester, 11 teams comprised of over 25 students representing 7 NYU schools were selected to receive grants of up to $500 to be used to build hardware and software prototypes. As in past semesters, awardees will also receiving training on how to build and test effective prototypes, as well as access to prototyping tools and materials.

With each semester that this program is offered, the quantity and quality of applications rises, and this semester it was particularly difficult to decide which teams to award. The good news is that for all NYU makers and entrepreneurs, regardless of whether or not you were selected for the Prototyping Fund, there are tons of great resources at NYU this semester to help you build and test new products and businesses. Here are a few to check out:

Resources to learn how to prototype:

Prototyping Month at the Greenhouse: a series of pop-up workshops organized by the Greenhouse at the NYU School of Engineering to help you experiment with your ideas, bring them to life, and improve them. Events start on February 17th and run through March 9th. See the calendar of events here.

Inno/Vention: a venture competition that challenges NYU students from across the globe to prototype and pitch commercially viable ideas for real world problems. Applications to participate in Inno/Vention are due on February 20th. Learn more and apply here.

Resources to build your prototype:

Leslie eLab Prototyping Lab: The Leslie eLab is a collaborative space for students, faculty, and researchers from across NYU to develop their ideas into successful startups. The Leslie eLab has a prototyping lab equipped with state of the art prototyping equipment including a laser cutter, 3-d printers, arduinos, and more. Stay in the loop about programs and events at the Leslie eLab by signing up for our newsletter.

NYU Advanced Media Studio: The NYU Advanced Media Studio at 35 West 4th is a state-of-the-art facility and technology resource for the NYU community. The AMS provides professional services in museum-grade wide-format archival digital printmaking, laser cutting and etching, rapid prototyping/3D printing, 3D scanning and project development consultation. To request a consultation, or to schedule a visit, please see their website.

Congratulations to the following teams for being selected for the Spring 2015 NYU Prototyping Fund awards!

 - Cyber Chess: an educational and strategic board game that will educate users in cyber security. John Pak, Engineering; Saboor Zahir, Engineering; Jatinder Singh, Engineering

- Green Hearing Aid: a hearing aid that uses thermoelectric technologies to aid in its use by harnessing heat energy generated from the users head. Cole Mahlowitz, Steinhardt

 - Helping Hand: an at-home stroke rehabilitation device that is an effective therapy tool that feels like a game. Vanessa Mahoney, CAS; Stephen Veitch, CAS; Kenny Brock, SOM

 - Intellicount: a proprietary RFID based system that allows for the accountability of surgical tools during any surgical procedure in order to prevent loss in the human body. Manavjeet Sidhu, Stern/SOM; Marcus Cimino, Stern/SOM

- MMMUO: an electronic device that translates body-movement into sound. Diana Castro, Engineering; Javier Molina, Engineering

 - MRI Gradient Field Mapping: a device to help identify when gradient coils in an MRI begin to lag due to induced charges during fast-switching operations. Aye Maung, Engineering; John Bayer, Engineering; Boby Hon, Engineering; Eugene Goncharov, Engineering

 - Myco-wearable Device: a wearable garment that monitors and tracks biometric data through perspiration. Binh Dang, Tisch (ITP); Javier Molina, Engineering

 - Olympica: A web app that allow sports and hobby enthusiasts to connect and arrange matches with other enthusiasts in their same location. Maximo Sica, Tisch (ITP); Rodrigo Derteano, Tisch (ITP)

 - SayCell Emergency Network: a quickly deployable cellular network to be used after disasters or in rural regions where there is no cellular network coverage. Edwin Reed-Sanchez, Tisch (ITP); Benjamin Cramer, Gallatin

 - Sea Wave Technology: a device that generates electricity from sea waves, providing a cleaner, safer and more economical method of producing electricity. Gowtham Kumar Neerukonda, Engineering; Sampath Rallapalli,

 - Wheels Up: a portable low-cost mechanism enabling those in wheelchairs to autonomously climb any combination of steps approx. 2'' to 24'' in height. Amanda Gelb, Tisch (ITP); Turki Khalid Aljuhani, Steinhardt; Amanda Parker, Steinhardt; Szu-Wei Chen, CAS