Entrepreneurial Institute

Institute Insights: NYUEN Collaboration Fund

The NYU Entrepreneur Network was established to help fulfill the mission of improving collaboration of student run clubs at the university. We strongly believe that when you work with others from different areas of the campus the best innovations are created.

With that in the mind we have established the NYUEN Collaboration Fund to help clubs at the university that are willing and eager to engage and collaborate with other organizations on campus co-host events. This fund is a great opportunity to try new approaches of engaging club members, building your student club brand, and making your club more active in the entrepreneurial community at NYU.

Recently the College of Arts and Science Entrepreneurial Association and the Gallatin Business Club co-hosted Insight Week at the Leslie eLab and other places around campus. These two student clubs worked together to host a week-long event for the NYU community that brought together great speakers and panels from all different industries to discuss entrepreneurship.  To help with the funding for Insight Week, the two clubs received funding from the NYUEN Collaboration Fund, enabling them to create a meaningful experience for members of two different entrepreneurial clubs on campus.

We are excited to have you apply for the funds that have a maximum budget proposal of $500 per application. The funds will be released on a rolling basis throughout the school year. Let us help you make this entrepreneurial community more vibrant and stronger.  Apply today!

If you're confused, here are some answers that might help you understand further...
  1. Collaboration Fund? What? NYU is a big place. Basically, we want to see entrepreneurship clubs from different schools planning events and activities together, and we're willing to give you up to $500 to do so.
  2. How do I know if I'm eligible? Check the form. There's a nice list of eligible clubs at the bottom.
  3. I have a great event idea, but my club's not on the list! What can I do? First, contact NYUEN! There's probably someone who is already planning a similar event. Or we can at least connect you with someone who is interested. Or if we're not too busy, we might even co-sponsor with you.
  4.  I have a great idea, but I don't have space! Can you help? Have you heard of the Leslie eLab? booknow.so/NYULeslie
  5.  Are there any restrictions on how the money can be used? Yes. We don't want to be sued because you let freshmen drink at your event, so no alcohol unless it's a speaker gift. Also, you need to have a majority of NYU students in attendance (70% or higher is ideal), so don't ask us to sponsor your launch party. Finally, we give priority to free events. That's why we give you money--so that you don't have to charge admission.
  6. When will I get my money? Like most funds at NYU, you host your event and we pay you back after. You'll need original receipts, and it usually takes about 5-6 weeks to process the reimbursement.
  7.  How far in advance of my event should I apply? At least two weeks, please. Earlier is better.
  8. Shoot! I forgot to apply and my event was last week. Can I still get money Probably not. But always contact us if this happens.
  9.  My event is really technical, and only certain people can apply. Can I still get funding? Try to find a way to make your event more inclusive. If we fund you, we'll promote your event to a diverse network of students and don't want anyone to be discouraged from attending.
  10. Will the fund ever run out? We do have a budget--after all, we're not VCs--but if the fund runs low, we'll look into allocating additional monies to the fund. This hasn't happened in the past.
  11. I have more questions. Whom should I contact? Just shoot an email to djensen@nyu.edu & rosskopelman@gmail.com!