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Why I’m Challenging Myself To Write Every Week

Why I’m Challenging Myself To Write Every Week: My 'Next Play'

Republished from LinkedIn.com

You won’t be happy unless you are working in an environment which embodies and operationalizes the values that you live your life by. It’s something I’ve learned by comparing the best work experiences I’ve had with the worst work experiences I’ve had. I’ve been fortunate to experience launching and running a non-profit company, Transfernation, with one of my best friends in the world Hannah Dehradunwala and to work at a company with the "Eden" of culture at LinkedIn. Both organizations embody this concept of constant growth not only for the company but for you as an individual, a mentality that feeds directly into my passions and lifestyle. LinkedIn has been able to verbalize and define this concept as always working toward your “Next Play”.

Your next play doesn’t have to be something as dramatic as leaving jobs, transforming roles, or launching your own company but rather can be best described as a new growth edge. It’s an area or skillset in which you want to develop and transform yourself. Sometimes the best way to achieve that is by transitioning roles but other times it can be as simple as spending an hour a week learning something new or practicing a skill. Your next play doesn’t have to be academic or work related but can be a function in any part of your life from fitness to relationships to learning how to swing dance. Personally, I find this concept incredibly powerful because pushing myself, meeting new people, and constantly learning is what makes life exhilarating. Simultaneously you are able to avoid complacency and repetition, a concept echoed by Jed Bartlett in the The West Wing with his curt “What’s Next” at every stage of his presidential campaign. Some may take this as ungratefulness but in many ways focusing on your next play is the opposite. Its appreciating what makes life such a crazy journey while recognizing the constant hustle and transformation it took to get to wherever you are today. To me my next play is a way to cultivate a new passion, meet new people, and expand my horizons.

Consequentially I've identified my next play as exploring thought leadership and content creation through the lens of writing. Growing up writing was one of bigger “weaknesses” yet over the course of the past few years has transitioned to something I truly enjoy particularly when used to explore topics of interest. As I strive to create global social change, the mediums used to approach this challenge are constantly shifting. I find writing to be an opportunity to reach more people, cultivate meaningful discussions, and above all else better myself.

As a result I’m challenging myself to write one new blog post every week on a range of topics from leadership to social enterprise to career building. For this to truly be my next play it has to be something I am willing to put in the time and effort each and every week. The best way to hold myself accountable is tell each and every one you, since there’s nothing like some positive peer and professional pressure. So first and foremost thank you for reading this and hopefully my future work as well. Secondly, I want to challenge each of you to find that next play and take a concrete step towards integrating it into your life.