Now in its second year, the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival has become a hallmark event of NYU’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Within the NYU Entrepreneurs Network, various club leaders join forces along with NYU’s Innovation Venture Fund and Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation to host this two-day celebration. Students, alumni, and attendees from all walks of life come together to meet one another and listen in awe at the stories of inspirational entrepreneurs. What becomes apparent as one attends is that the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival acts like a magnet, luring in organizers, speakers, sponsors, and attendees. The Entrepreneurs Festival beckons, and we all willfully gravitate towards its center. Once at the core, we realize that the core is not any one speaker. It is not a workshop. And yes, it is also not Jack Dorsey.

What we find is NYU’s entrepreneurial spirit; an idea that grew slowly at first, but now is growing faster than any other university’s (literally). Even as the Festival ends, NYU’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to grow as it manifests itself in companies started, disruption created, and events hosted. Which is why, as Co-President of the NYU Entrepreneurs Network (along with Ricky Berin), it gives me great pleasure to officially launch the NYUEN Collaboration Fund. The NYUEN Collaboration Fund provides the opportunity for constituent student clubs of the NYU Entrepreneurs Network to apply for financial grants that help promote entrepreneurship across NYU. The most important rule: clubs must collaborate on projects, whether it be an event or mentorship program. For every club leader aspiring to keynote the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival someday, it is our responsibility to accelerate our already growing momentum by embodying the hard work and ingenuity characteristic of all entrepreneurs. More importantly, as the short history of the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival shows, together we can accomplish more than we ever can alone.

The application is now available here to any co-sponsoring clubs and the first round of applications will be accepted up until Wednesday, March 27, 2013.

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