NYU Accelerator Alumni Pitch to Investors at 2024 Friends & Family Demo Day

©Myaskovsky: Courtesy of NYU Photo Bureau

Eleven alumni teams from NYU’s award-winning Summer Launchpad Accelerator and Tech Venture Accelerator gathered for a night of pitches and networking at the Friends & Family Demo Day on Jan. 25 at the Leslie eLab.

Over 30 venture capital investors watched as the startups were each given five minutes to showcase their progress. After each presentation, the floor opened up for three minutes as investors were invited to ask founders follow-up questions about their business models, scalability, and more.

Meet the 11 pitching teams and their founders:

Alcov lets urban apartment-dwellers design their dream spaces, regardless of budget. Its app starts by understanding users' style, then generates curated mood boards of furniture they can directly purchase.

Milo Schindler (Gallatin '23)

Baton is a blockchain-enabled collaboration protocol that ensures creatives are properly credited and compensated for their work.

Gabe Warshaw (Tisch ITP ‘23)

Building Diagnostic Robotics is an AI-enabled robotic systems designed to find building envelope issues by providing inspection reports to building scientists to lower inspection costs and increase safety.

Bilal Sher (Tandon '22)

Envision is a digital eye health company that seeks to combine VR visual testing with AI analytics. Its initial product is a gamified VR visual field test for diagnosing and monitoring glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness.

Nick Neissa (Tisch '19)

Frich unlocks a $2.4T market by connecting banks with Gen Z.

Aleksandra Medina (Abu Dhabi '20)

Jones is a judgment-free journey to a vape-less life, through a personalized nicotine replacement subscription, behavioral support and digital community.

Caroline Huber (Stern '23) & Hilary Dubin

Kaizntree is an online platform that helps small business owners streamline their sales channels and manage their inventory.

Marcos Brisson (Shanghai '23)

Portable Diagnostic Systems is a portable drug testing devices that help law enforcement officers rapidly screen for drugs on the roadside, saving money and streamlining resource-intensive investigatory steps.

Glennon Simmons (Former Dentistry Researcher)

Rodeo is an e-commerce channel for the creator economy, with a suite of tools to power the future of social commerce. For GenZ shoppers, Rodeo is the destination to shop products featured in social content. For brands and creators, Rodeo is the infrastructure to scale marketing efforts.

Lindsay Perper (Stern ‘23)

Sunthetics is a machine-learning SaaS to help early R&D Scientists in Pharma and Cosmetics design successful experimental campaigns. We enable up to 32x faster exploration, optimization and modelling of new chemicals, formulations and processes, as well as, decision making.

César Urbina (Former Visiting Scholar at Tandon)

Vital Audio is a deviceless software which extracts clinical biomarkers (HR, HRV) from patients' speech through conventional phone calls.

Nyamitse-Calvin Mahinda (Tandon '23)

The Summer Launchpad Accelerator (SLP), now in its 12th year, is one of the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute’s core programs. Open to highly scalable and differentiated ventures from any NYU school, the Summer Launchpad pushes teams to achieve key business milestones, validate product-market fit, acquire customers, and solidify their business model.

The NYU Tech Venture Accelerator (TVA) is a six-month program that aims to help NYU research teams transform their research discoveries into scalable startup ventures and prepare for product development/commercialization. The program is open to NYU faculty, along with their PhD/postdoc teams and other collaborators, who have developed novel technologies in their research labs at NYU.

Congratulations to the outstanding alumni who pitched, and thank you to all who attended the 2024 Friends & Family Demo Day!

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