Recap: The 2024 Summer Startup Sprint

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Join us in celebrating the Summer Startup Sprint Class of 2024!

From May 20-31, we had the privilege of hosting 14 promising ventures at the Leslie eLab, where they honed their customer discovery skills and tested their business models in our intensive accelerator program. These startups and their founders are tackling challenges across AI, wearable technology, identity theft protection, nightlife, menstrual health, higher education, and more.

This summer’s teams conducted a combined 580 customer discovery interviews and participated in 52 office hour sessions with subject matter experts. The founders partook in daily startup coaching and feedback sessions, skills-building workshops, and one-on-one sessions with seasoned coaches.

Teams also unlocked access to the following benefits:

  • A $500 grant, plus an opportunity for select teams to receive up to $500 in additional funding
  • Over $5,000 in perks, including AWS and GitHub credits
  • Legal guidance from Fenwick & West

This cohort’s special guest speakers included David Rand (Law '17) and Kristen Nicol (Law '17) of Fenwick & Westand Wayne Mackey, PhD (GSAS ‘16), founder of Statespace and Founder In Residence at the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute, who answered startup questions from the Sprinters during an engaging Ask Me Anything session.

Meet the Teams:

CaroRhythm is developing a wearable medical device called CaroSense to detect early onset of recurrence in stroke survivors. We can continuously monitor the blood flow to the brain via the carotid artery, and our CaroRhythm Dynamic Monitoring Service (CDMS) alerts patients to the onset of stroke before symptoms are noticeable.

Lokesh Sharma (Tandon ‘24), Nisha Maheshwari (Tandon PhD ‘25)

DocPro helps medical practices to thrive. With its AI-powered software, clinics are able to increase revenue, provide better care, and reduce admin work.

Tanwir Hasan (Law ‘24), Abid Ali, Abdullah Ishmam, Sayef Iqbal

echo X is a modern incident response system for modern software applications.

Chunchun Wu (Tandon ‘25), Junzhe Zhang, Edrick Wong

FinOptima aims to provide tailored technical solutions to prevent first-party synthetic fraud by fostering collaboration among community financial institutions (CFIs) and the sharing of customer data, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, enhancing security, and building partnerships with government agencies and industry leaders life SWIFT and Microsoft.

Anat Goldstein (Stern ‘24), Yulu Fu (Tandon ‘25), Savinay Shukla (Tandon ‘24), Tural Mehdiyev, Sophia Lyu (Steinhardt ‘24)

FlashDocs enables customer-facing teams to instantly create presentations that are highly personalized for their clients via an AI-powered Google Slides and PowerPoint plug-in.

Adam Khakhar (Courant ‘25), Morten Bruun

Foxa is an AI Coding Teacher that transforms beginners into proficient software engineers through personalized, interactive challenges on real-world projects.

Oana Ciherean (Stern ‘23), Irina Barbos

Intoit is a social media and event ticketing hybrid designed to eliminate friction from the nightlife experience and bring people together through music. Seamlessly find relevant events based on your music taste and share new music and experiences with friends, all in one place.

Nick Bekos (Stern ‘24), Ansh Jhaveri (CAS ‘24)

Latte is a gamified mentorship platform built for higher ed.

Jerry Chen (Stern ‘25), Juntao Xu

MasterMinds is an AI-driven online platform for teachers to book mentors from underrepresented communities for classroom visits through an expedited process. Teachers get access to diverse voices, bridging the representation and opportunity gap to foster motivation in school settings.

Adelaida Kim (Steinhardt ‘25), Dareck Andarge (Tandon ‘24)

MetroMesh Media transforms out-of-home advertising by leveraging food delivery networks with advanced geo targeted displays. This approach provides hyper-local, cost-effective, real-time advertising solutions that enhance client visibility and engagement, offering an alternative to traditional street-level ads​​.

Winn Hsu (Tandon ‘24), Mark Lee (Tandon ‘24), Jessica Hsu

Moonbean Nutrition helps women feel amazing through community building, education, and drinkable products formulated with traditional Chinese medicine herbal tea mixes that treat both the cause and symptoms of menstrual discomfort for long-term benefits.

Charlotte Zhang (Steinhardt ‘24), Kelly Ke, Susan Savariar (Stern ‘24), ​​Cynthia Xia (Stern ‘24)

Mova provides medical tourists in New York quality housing with concierge service convenient for mid-term stays without typical complicated leasing requirements.

Julia Maksimova (Stern ‘25), Ishita Jaiswal (Shanghai ‘24, Stern ‘25)

Nightshipper provides legal automation services to immigration law offices.

Maximillian Slavin (GSAS ‘24), Verena Podolskaia (GSAS ‘25), Yuriy Plotkin, Dimitry Slavin

The Flossy Organization is a 501(c)(3) specialized in organizing, with urgency and creativity, to address structural inequities by closing the advocacy gap in marginalized communities.

Jibreel Jalloh (Wagner ‘25), Leandre Ligan