Meet the Teams: NYU Tech Venture Workshop Summer 2023 Cohort

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We are pleased to introduce the teams in the Summer 2023 Cohort of the NYU Tech Venture Workshop.

The Tech Venture Workshop is a three half-day immersive program where NYU faculty, PhD, postdoc, and research teams learn how to test the commercial potential of their innovations directly with customers and partners. Participating teams receive grant funding from the National Science Foundation, coaching, and access to workshops on selecting the right market, customer segment, IP, and more.

After completion of the workshop, participating teams are eligible to apply to participate in the NSF I-Corps and Tech Venture Accelerator, which collectively award $100,000 in grant funding to further your research commercialization efforts.

Learn more about the program and apply by Oct. 6 to join the next cohort of Tech Venture Workshop teams in the Fall ‘23 cohort

Summer '23 Cohort:

The Summer '23 cohort welcomed nine project teams from four separate NYU schools: Dentistry, GSAS, Langone, and Tandon.

A-Eye Urban provides a web-based tool that uses computer vision and traffic cameras to automatically detect urban work zones and visualize traffic safety risks.

Team: Jingqin Gao (Tandon Postdoc), Kaan Ozbay (Tandon Faculty), Fan Zuo (Tandon Postdoc)

BoxFence has created boxing headgear that records and measures force of punches for athletes to use during training.

Team: Riccardo Negri (Tandon PhD), Praneeth Challagonda

CARA Systems is a cloud-based tool designed to provide clinicians with the computational analysis of risk assessment on cerebral aneurysms for diagnostic and treatment assistance

Team: G. Prithvinath Reddy (Tandon ‘23), Srushti Katore (Tandon ‘23), Iskender Sahin (Tandon Faculty)

CaroRythm is a non-invasive and contrast-free medical device that can monitor cerebral blood perfusion (CBF) to assist in treating patients with carotid artery diseases that can lead to strokes and aneurysms.

Team: Lokesh Sharma (Tandon ‘24), Nisha Maheshwari (Tandon PhD), Andreas Hielscher (Tandon Faculty)

Kinnact is developing an oral small molecule to treat overactive parathyroid hormone receptor-related diseases.

Team: Nicola Partridge (Dentistry Faculty), Zhiming He (Dentistry Postdoc), Carole Le Henaff (Dentistry Postdoc)

LPCV has developed a battery-powered IoT system that uses a camera to identify and collect statistics on traffic.

Team: Abdulaziz Alaql (Tandon PhD), Chen Feng (Tandon Faculty)

MoveMend creates an immersive, motion tracking software for postoperative patients to engage in game-based exercise activities that supplement their regular occupational therapy sessions while in the hospital.

Team: Gabrielle Berne (Langone Clinician), Punit Vats (Tandon ‘23)

PsyMod is a device for conducting non-invasive monitoring of brain states throughout neural recordings and brain stimulation to treat depression.

Team: Gino Del Ferraro (GSAS PhD), Valentina Vencato (GSAS PhD)

QALB (Quantum Algorithm for Lattice Boltzmann) targets users looking to engineer designs involving subsonic fluid flow by leveraging quantum computing to parallelize parameter search.

Team: Wael Itani (Tandon PhD), Katepalli R. Sreenivasan (Courant, Tandon, FAS Faculty)