Meet the Teams: NYU Tech Venture Workshop Winter 2024 Cohort

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We are excited to introduce the teams of the Winter 2024 cohort of the NYU Tech Venture Workshop.

The Workshop is an intensive program spread over three half-days, designed for NYU faculty, PhDs, postdocs, and research teams. The Workshop's goal is to help teams explore the commercial viability of their research through direct engagement with potential customers and partners. Participants benefit from grant funding by the National Science Foundation, expert coaching, and access to specialized workshops covering market selection, customer segmentation, intellectual property, and more.

Upon completing the workshop, teams may seek to apply to the NSF I-Corps and Tech Venture Accelerator programs, which collectively provide $100,000 in grant funding to support research commercialization efforts. For more details about the program and application process, attend an info session with us on April 3 or May 2.

EdgeStream Innovations: Provides predictive edge caching for live immersive videos, such as 360° content, reducing bandwidth usage by up to 76% and enhancing the streaming experience for video platforms and viewers interested in live events like the Super Bowl and NBA games.

Team: Professor Yong Liu (Tandon), Chen Li (Tandon PhD ‘25), Tongyu Zong (Tandon PhD ‘24)

Aortic Dissection Tool: A novel surgical tool designed to simplify the treatment of aortic dissection, primarily for endovascular surgeons, making surgeries more straightforward compared to existing methods.

Team: Chinmay Prashanth (Tandon ‘24)

GenAuto: AI-based safety analysis tool for autonomous vehicles, targeting companies in the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) sector to enhance safety and ensure regulatory compliance.

Team: Professor Aliasghar Arab (Tandon), Najlaa Bouras (GSAS ‘24)

LifelongMemory: A personalized AI assistant designed to record and recall life events, targeting professionals, content creators, families, and individuals with memory impairments to aid in organizing and preserving important memories.

Team: Professor Mengye Ren (Courant), Ying Wang (GSAS ‘23)

AI-Driven Urban Agent: AI-powered urban agents that act as social sensors for monitoring human-environment interactions within urban settings, aimed at public agencies like the NYC Department of Transportation and residents, to improve urban living experiences.

Team: Zhaoxi Zhang, PhD (Tandon Postdoc), Tamir Mendel, Phd (Tandon Post-doc), Vaidehi Raipat (Tandon PhD ‘27)

NutriFlex Stent: A nutrition-exchangeable stent for patients with small bowel blockage, designed to improve life quality and extend the lifespan of affected individuals.

Team: Shuhao Zhang (Tandon ‘24)

MediAccess Automation: Battery-powered automated door systems for healthcare facilities, allowing for easy retrofitting on existing doors to automate them and offering customization for door operation schedules.

Team: Aditya Singh (Tandon ‘24)