Meet the Teams: NYU Tech Venture Workshop Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 Cohorts

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We are pleased to introduce the teams in the Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 Cohorts of the NYU Tech Venture Workshop.

The Tech Venture Workshop is a three half-day immersive program where faculty, PhD, postdoc, and research teams learn how to test the commercial potential of their innovations directly with customers and partners. Participating teams receive grant funding from the National Science Foundation, coaching, and access to workshops on selecting the right market, customer segment, IP, and more.

The Tech Venture Workshop introduces commercialization methodologies adopted by the NSF, NIH, DOD, DOE, and other federal agencies, including business model design and customer development (AKA the Lean Startup).

After completion of the workshop, participating teams are eligible to apply to participate in the NSF I-Corps and Tech Venture Accelerator, which collectively award $100,000 in grant funding to further your research commercialization efforts.

Winter '23 Cohort:

The Winter '23 cohort welcomed project teams from six separate NYU schools: Tisch, Stern, Grossman School of Medicine, CAS, Tandon, and Silver.

1b: A healthcare concierge that offers patients access to quality care, a seamless phygital experience, and in-person visits at its physical centers.

Team: Shaurya Seth (Tisch ‘23), Sachin Mirza

Alivio Technologies, Inc.: Creates an app-controlled wearable device that quickly treats chronic pain and inflammation for individuals suffering from arthritis.

Team: Caitlin West (Stern ‘24), Tiko Magradze (Stern ‘24), Caitlin Gibson

Fortify Rehab: A portable resistance training device that attaches to footboards of hospital beds, helping bedridden patients to stave off deconditioning (and medical institutions to save money on complications).

Team: Wiliam Small (Grossman School of Medicine Faculty), Andrew Adelsheimer (Grossman School of Medicine Cardiology Fellow)

Patholyze: A platform software that helps researchers and pathologists to examine histopathology slides faster, allowing for increased automation and more robust analysis and diagnosis.

Team: Jimin Tan (Grossman School of Medicine PhD ‘24), Joshua Wang (Grossman School of Medicine PhD ‘26), Wenke Liu (Grossman School of Medicine Researcher), David Fenyo (Grossman School of Medicine Faculty)

Primary Assembly: Biofeedback technology enabling neurotherapists to find sounds that mirror their patients' target mental states.

Team: Jason Snell (Tisch ‘23), Dora Do (Tisch ‘23), Suzanne Dikker (CAS Faculty), Matt Jordan

Wisteria Therapeutics: A drug discovery and therapeutics startup that aims to pioneer the development of a new class of cancer therapeutics targeting cell essential functions in difficult-to-treat cancers.

Team: Kenji Fujihara (Grossman School of Medicine Postdoc)

Empower Engineering: Provides companies with cost-effective methods for storing and capturing carbon dioxide to lower CO2 emissions and combat global warming.

Team: Charudatta Mhasde (Tandon PhD ‘25), Nayan Meshram, Prachi Shahare, Akm Rahman

FireBeats: An AI-based mobile app that remotely monitors the physiological data streaming from the health trackers of users, evaluates cardiovascular health risks (e.g. hypertension, arrhythmia, and sleep apnea), and instantly alerts the user so they can address health risks.

Team: Anurag Mandal (Tandon ‘23)

FireAI, Inc.: An AI-based IoT solution that receives real-time video streaming from CCTV systems to detect fire and smoke and instantly alert building occupants.

Team: Prabodh Panindre (Tandon Faculty and Researcher)

mHealth for Empowering Life of Youth: A healthcare tool that helps providers improve their quality of youth and primary care services.

Team: Sabrina Cheng (Grossman School of Medicine Staff)

Unmute: A teletherapy platform built for BIPOC patients. The platform’s clinical pathway is backed by research and focuses on culturally-responsive and anti-oppressive approaches to developing a strong patient-therapist relationship, a key predictor of treatment engagement and success.

Team: Doris Chang (Silver Faculty), Colleen Leung

WD-Home: An electronic health record that supports and documents safety, engagement, and comfort of elderly residents in assisted living facilities.

Team: Wilson Wang (GPH Faculty), Mia Xu (GPH ‘23), Ezequiel González

Fall '22 Cohort:

The Fall '22 cohort welcomed project teams from five separate NYU schools: Abu Dhabi, CAS, Courant, Dentistry, and Tandon.

COFilter: A revolutionary filter that adds layers of active materials to conventional water filters in order to withdraw CECs that activated carbon cannot fully remove, such as PFAs.

Team: Ali Trabolsi (CAS Faculty), Asmaa Jrad (Abu Dhabi Researcher), Gobinda Das (Abu Dhabi Researcher)

NeRb: Leverages markerless hand tracking technology to employ cost-effective game-based therapies for stroke, traumatic brain, and spinal cord injury survivors.

Team: Alek Pak (CAS Postdoc Fellow), Siyuan Wang (Tandon ‘23), Mukhtar Sadykov

D2BG Advanced Materials: An application that supplies thin films and composites to the global electromagnetic shielding market.

Team: André Taylor (Tandon Faculty), Simon Mashala, Anthony Coston

Dlight: Makes lead-free, scalable, and reproducible material to synthesize downshifting materials that change the solar spectrum to benefit Si and CIGS solar panels.

Team: Minh Tran (Tandon PhD ‘23)

EasyEyes: Creates open source software that can be tested online with calibrated auditory and visual stimuli.

Team: Denis Pelli (CAS Faculty)

Tinybio: A software module that standardizes scientific and business configurations for biological experiments within one simple software package.

Team: Sasha Dagayev (Tandon ‘23)

LeVerse: A learning metaverse for educational institutions and students that allows users of all ages to be immersed in educational material.

Team: Omar Benkraouda (Courant ‘23), Ahmed Benkraouda (Tandon ‘22), Ken Perlin (Courant Faculty)

The Tech Venture Workshop will be offered again later in 2023. Learn more and stay updated on future info sessions.