Startup Journey

No matter where you find yourself in your own startup journey, NYU has the resources for you. Maybe you're in the very beginning and all you have is an idea. Maybe it's been years and your business is well underway. Whatever the case may be, NYU offers coaching, co-working spaces, workshops, competitions, and funding opportunities to help you grow! Use this page to discover what your startup journey may look like.

Startup Spaces at NYU

Between the Leslie eLab (startup central) and the Tandon MakerSpace (prototyping heaven), NYU has all the right startup spaces for you to explore.

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Ideate, experiment, and learn from people who are crushing it in their fields. Want to learn how to pitch to investors? How to create a brand strategy? How to use Design Thinking? NYU has you covered.

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Entrepreneurship Classes

Looking for classes on how to start a business? Here is a complete list of entrepreneurship courses offered at NYU.

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Coaching & Mentorship

NYU has a large network of coaches and mentors, from field experts to venture capitalists, who look forward to guiding entrepreneurs to success. Whether you have nothing but an idea, or you need help that is specific to your field, coaching appointments are the way to go.


NYU hosts a number of competitions in which you can practice pitching, get prize money, and network with accomplished judges!

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Funding Opportunities

Grants, awards, and other funding opportunities for you to build a prototype or advance your business.

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The NYU entrepreneurial community consists of dozens of student clubs, hundreds of startups, and thousands of founders. Tap into your network and discover ways in which you can all help each other grow!