Meet the 2023 Summer Startup Sprint Cohort

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The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute is proud to introduce the 6th annual NYU Summer Startup Sprint Cohort!

This summer, 13 teams representing nine different NYU schools/departments will take part in the 2-week customer discovery intensive accelerator, which provides participants with the support and resources they need to test the potential value of their solutions. This year’s Summer Startup Sprint runs from May 22-June 2 at the Leslie eLab.

The Startup Sprint is designed to teach aspiring NYU entrepreneur teams how to transform their ideas and inventions into businesses. Sprints challenge participants to deepen their understanding of their customers and to cater their business ideas to customers' needs.

Perks of the program include:

  • Daily startup coaching and feedback
  • Daily skills-building workshops from startup experts and venture capitalists
  • A $500 grant, plus an opportunity for select teams to receive up to $500 in additional funding
  • Over $5,000 in perks, including AWS and GitHub credits
  • Legal guidance from Fenwick & West
  • 1:1 coaching from expert mentors
  • + Select Sprint teams will be invited to interview for the NYU Summer Launchpad accelerator after the program
  • Read here to learn more about the Startup Sprint program

We are thrilled to welcome and work with the following teams:

Alivio Technologies is a medical device company focused on innovative solutions for arthritis relief.

Caitlin West (Stern ‘24), Caitlin Gibson (CAS '10), Nicolaus Schmandt (Stern '24)

AYA is an AI tool that generates quiz questions from video lectures for time-pressed STEM professors who hold Zoom lectures, helping instructors save time and assess student understanding to tailor their teachings to best educate students.

Ali Quidwai (Tandon ‘23), So Kim (Tisch ‘24), Luke Adrianzen (Stern ‘24)

BioGear Labs is a resource that uses custom interoperability software and AI to help biological scientists perform their analyses more quickly and easily.

Jake Lucas (CAS ‘25), Sydney Lucas (Gallatin ‘25)

Endure Sport Nutrition crafts whole-food-based sport nutrition products geared toward endurance athletes.

Anja Westhues (Gallatin ‘24), Jayla Lee (Gallatin ‘24), Amber Chu (Steinhardt ‘26)

Kaizntree is an online platform that helps small business owners streamline their sales channels and manage their inventory.

Marcos Brisson (Shanghai '23), Etienne Ortega (Shanghai '24), Benoît Van Keer (Shanghai ‘23)

Layman is a social enterprise that uses AI to convert social media into legal documents to help Americans who can't access a lawyer navigate life without one. Layman provides the entire assembly line of legal drafting — including information, documents, editing, lawyers, and community — in an engaging social web app.

Esosa Ohonba (Law ‘23), Harrington Thompson

PropertizeAI harnesses the power of AI to offer precise property analysis and tailored recommendations to real estate brokers. By streamlining the home discovery process, it helps brokers build stronger client relationships and deliver an exceptional experience for all involved parties.

Darien Nouri (CAS ‘24), John Martin (Stern ‘26), Sneha Singh (CAS ‘23), Shenthan Oppenheim (Stern ‘24), Ali Alshehhi (CAS ‘24)

Reneé Lamar Optics is a community vision care brand for BIPOC, long-term prescription eyewear users who face difficulty finding frames that fit their facial features and have settled for generic, ill-fitting eyewear. Its solution provides users with bold eyewear with extended sizes for maximum comfort and style.

Tolu Ojo (Tandon '23), Tyler Pharr

Stories In My Backyard (SIMBY) is a Black women-led organization that provides hybrid learning experiences to Black girls at Philadelphia-area middle schools who are seeking affordable photography education for creative expression, documentation, future career development, and/or a sense of belonging.

Kyra Williams (Tisch '20, Steinhardt '22, Steinhardt Staff), Ruby Johnston, Kara Harris

Team Hockey Gear creates upper body ice hockey equipment to allow for better freedom of motion for ice hockey players. With less restricted motion, a player can achieve better performance for stick handling, passing, and shooting during play.

Vivek Pinto (Stern ‘24), Mike Bartock, Abbas Khaku (Stern '24)

The Dreams Incubator is a transformative program that empowers and uplifts marginalized refugee women by providing them with tools and resources to launch successful small businesses and achieve long-term economic stability.

Ravesa Bajo (Wagner ‘24), Jordan Carmon

The Safety Chic develops safety education products that increase safety consciousness and reduce unintentional injuries affecting children.

Ugochi Obidiegwu (Wagner ‘24), Fisayo Ajala

Vize is an app that helps music educators engage toddlers with simple options and vivid animations, fostering early development of their listening, intuition, and rhythm skills.

Eloi Chouvet (Tandon ‘24), Octave Chouvet