What is the NYU Startup Sprint Like?

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Before every NYU Startup Sprint application deadline comes up, we do our best to explain to potential applicants how transformative and effective the award winning 2-week intensive accelerator is. Still, after the program ends, founders tell us how they had no idea how much the program was going to help them, that they found value where they didn't expect to, and more. So, this time, we thought we'd let you hear from past Sprint participants directly!

Read below to find out what the most recent J-Term Startup Sprint cohort participants had to say about the program:

If you want to find out how your idea would actually be valued/utilized/dissected in the real world and not your imagination, do this Sprint.
- Adam Peterson (CAS '15), Alluder

The Sprint changed the way we thought about our product. Through customer discovery, feedback sessions, lectures, and mentorship, we got the reality check we needed to accurately validate our idea and move forward confidently. I could go on, but it was invaluable.
- Drew Lederman (Tisch '20), Resist Nutrition

The Startup Sprint forced me to challenge our business’s assumptions, and start to move from business idea to actual business.
- Chris Millisits (Stern '23), ArcoPago

They aren't kidding when they say it's a sprint - but it forced us to think critically and deeply about what problem we were solving for the customers.
- Aditya Sundaresan (Stern '23), Zuvier

Participating in the Sprint changed my mindset as an entrepreneur and taught me how to execute in simple, efficient ways to build the best product I can for our users.
- Aaron Peterson (Tandon '23), Alluder

The Startup Sprint really allowed our team to hone in on one aspect of our company at a time to fully build strong foundations.
- Emily Cohen (Steinhardt '23), Resist Nutrition

The J-Term Startup Sprint was instrumental in helping to find our initial target customer and validating our business idea.
- Gabe Warshaw (Tisch '23), Baton

The Startup Sprint was challenging, insightful, and transformative. There is a before and an after the Sprint indeed. We now feel more prepared to face what's relevant for our business. Feedback sessions are simply unique and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 
- Diego Robledo (SPS '23), I-Worth