Join us in Welcoming the 2022 J-Term Startup Sprint Cohort

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This January, the NYU Startup Sprint will offer 15 teams, representing 10 different NYU schools, the opportunity to get the support and resources they need to test the potential value of their solutions. The Sprint is a 2-week customer discovery intensive. This year's cohort was very competitive with 80 + applications submitted! 

The Startup Sprint is designed to support undergrad and grad students that have an idea and/or prototype, and have began to form a team. Through the Sprint, NYU students engage directly with their target customers to learn more about them, their problems and pain points, as they explore the potential of their ideas and inventions.

Perks of the program include:

  • A $1,000 grant, plus an opportunity for select teams to receive up to $500 in additional funding
  • $5,000 credit from Amazon Web Services
  • Legal guidance from Fenwick & West
  • 1:1 coaching from expert mentors
  • Lots of startup skills workshop
  • And much more!
  • Read here to learn more about the Startup Sprint program


We are thrilled to welcome and work with the following teams:

Adelphia makes functional luxury handbags at fair and affordable prices.

Adrienne Crow (Stern '23), Emma Metz (Stern '23)


Alluder is a database and Google Chrome extension that allows users to create and discover annotations on Netflix and Hulu shows.

Adam Peterson (CAS '15), Aaron Peterson (Tandon '23), Tara Wilson (CAS '14)


ArcoPago is a mobile app facilitating cash-to-cash remittances through cryptocurrency.

Javier Araujo (Stern '23), David Gluck (Stern '22), Khalil Romain (Stern '22), Chris Millisits (Stern '23), Tyler Garnett (Stern '23)


Baton is a blockchain-enabled collaboration protocol designed to facilitate the future of creative digital exchange.

Gabe Warshaw (Tisch '23), Armon Naeini (Tisch '23), Sami Forzinetti, Claire Bogle


Blocksflow is a blockchain-powered social media and marketplace that empowers creators to share and sell creations with the community.

Jeff Jiang (Courant '22), Tianyi Sun (Courant '22), Zeyu Chen (Courant '22), Winny Wu (Stern '22)


BurnUp is an Arts Business Manager app that helps enable recently graduated immigrant artists in the Netherlands to stay in the country through the acquisition of grants, residencies and exhibitions. 

Luca Figari (Tisch '22), Giulietta Pastorino, Logan Stem (Tisch)


HolistiCann is a telehealth service that pairs patients with psychologists to integrate clinical cannabis into mental health and physical therapy treatments.

Zena Nelson (Langone Health), Aura Mask


I-Worth provides financial guarantee services to graduate NYU international students to unlock one-digit APR unsecured education loans in the U.S.

Anthony Polin (Stern '23), Diego Robledo (SPS '23)


Resist Nutrition makes plant-based, functional nutrition bars filled with science-backed ingredients for food-conscious women with a hormonal disorder, so they can support their hormonal balance and avoid symptom flare ups.

Drew Lederman (Tisch '20), Emily Cohen (Steinhardt '23)


Rodeo is a short-form video commerce platform that streamlines the discovery-to-checkout process.

Lindsay Perper (Stern '23), Richard Leahy, Brent Perper


Sipple makes smart sensorized baby bottle collars to ensure optimal feeding of preterm babies and support parents with essential feeding skills after discharge from NICU.

Vitaly Shlimovich (Stern '22), Caroline Martinez (SPS '22)


Tutoruu is a tutoring network that connects high-achieving undergraduate students with struggling peers who are in need of class-specific help.

Seif Kassem (Abu Dhabi '22), Youssef Abdelhamid (Abu Dhabi '23), Sarah Afaneh (Abu Dhabi '22), Mariam Amer (Abu Dhabi '22),  Mohamed Samer


UBet is a decentralized exchange for sports trading.
Daniel Im (GSAS '23), Alexander Kondratskiy


Uhuru is a digital micro-finance startup that uses non-traditional data methods to provide credit access to financially excluded and unbanked Ugandan motorbike riders.

Devesh Datta (Stern '23), Malik Mohammed (Stern '23)


Zuvier is a lifestyle apparel brand that provides an outlet of self expression to a community of high adventure seeking Veterans.

Aditya Sundaresan (Stern '23), Julie Tzeng (Stern '23)