ICYMI: The 10th Annual NYU Entrepreneurs Festival

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The NYU Entrepreneurs Festival is an annual event where the NYU startup community comes together to connect, collaborate, and celebrate entrepreneurs across the University. This year's NYU Entrepreneurs Festival was truly like none other. Even though this was our 10th Festival, it was our very first hybrid, three day-long event. And we sure learned a lot! If you couldn't attend this year’s NYU Entrepreneurs Festival, read below to see what you missed. We hope you can join us next year!

In the six months of planning the 10th Annual NYU Entrepreneurs Festival, which took place on Oct 13-15, the Festival planning team focused heavily on the goal of including several in-person events along with a Zoom virtual experience.

An attendee noted that “for those searching for a community of innovators and critical thinkers, the Entrepreneurs Festival is without a doubt the perfect place to find it,” and we couldn’t agree more!

Ellie Gershenwald (Steinhardt '22) returned as the Chair of the Festival for her second time. She took on the role as the student leader behind all of the fabulous marketing efforts as well as managed our other student leaders, Madelyn Bickel (CAS '23) and Willa Lin (Steinhardt '23).

The NYU Entrepreneurs Festival hosted two keynote speakers, Kate Mulling (Gallatin '06), co-founder of Thrive Market, and Adam Goldstein (Stern MBA '07), co-founder of Archer Aviation, as well as two panels, 11 startup roundtables, 11 startups at the Startup Exhibition, and one Demo Day, over the course of three days. It was incredibly fulfilling to see everyone so engaged and excited to learn about entrepreneurship!

Top 10 favorite parts of the 10th Annual Entrepreneurs Festival:

  1. In-person events were back! Attendees could connect and learn in-person in the Leslie eLab.
  2. The Keynotes: Kate Mulling & Adam Goldstein shared their stories and answered questions from the audience.
  3. Circle and Middlemen tied for audience choice "Best Pitch" at the Demo Day.
  4. Website & Festival slack for virtual networking and updates!
  5. The panels on Starting a Startup While in School and Women Entrepreneurs: Solving Pressing Issues were so inspiring!
  6. 11 Startup Roundtables: Topics included the future of blockchain, how to get into VC as a student, & so much more.
  7. 3 days of events! With the new format, attendees had more opportunities to join throughout the week.
  8. Collaborating with the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship -- Make sure to check out the Entrepreneurs Challenge! Attendees learned about their resources as well as the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute's J-Term Startup Sprint.
  9. Students could join a team or find a team member during the Virtual NYU Startup Team Hunt.
  10. Meeting different NYU startups and talking to founders during the Startup Exhibition via Circle.

Check out the pictures below from our in-person panels and roundtables! See you next year!

- The NYU Entrepreneurs Festival planning team