Announcing Teams Participating in New Summer Programs

Just a few weeks ago we announced the creation of new summer programs here at the Entrepreneurial Institute to help support NYU founders who are actively working on launching their startups this summer.

Over the last few weeks we invited 18 teams to participate in two programs designed to provide mentorship, accountability and community for founders; the Summer Ignite Fellowship and the Summer Founder Circle. These invite only programs are offered to founders who have made significant progress on their ventures as demonstrated through meetings with Institute coaches, and successful completion of our Startup Bootcamp and Sprint programs.

Here are the teams that we're excited to work closely with this summer!


Meet the Summer Ignite Fellowship teams: Workplace Collaboration Software for organizations to accelerate the adoption of new ways of working

Team Members: Duri Chitayat (Stern ‘21), Holly KC

Cartographr: An augmented reality mobile application that helps fantasy role-playing gamers to create and share 3D worlds in physical space to improve game immersion and save game preparation time.

Team Members: Joanna Liu (Steinhardt 2020), Andrew Liang (Tandon ‘22), Rivelle Levine (Steinhardt ‘21), Charles Chan (Tandon ‘21)

CoStudy: Helps students connect in real life and reach their full academic potential. CoStudy takes the challenge out of group scheduling and lets students focus on what matters - content, not finding time to meet.

Team Members: Neev Mittal (Courant ‘22), Brock Nelson, Wyatt Greiner, Henry Kaufman

Repose: A posture health system that allows users to recognize and target the tension in their body when sitting or standing for long periods of time through a low-profile wearable and companion app.

Team Members: Matthew Stirling (Steinhardt ‘21), Runa Koli (Steinhardt ‘23)

SheSpoke SuitsBuilding confidence in, and empowering students who identify as women in Bachelors and Masters level B-School programs with an ultra-feminine, modern take on the traditional suit.

Team Members: Brittany Leach (Wagner ‘19), Priyanka Khemka (Stern ‘21), Yolanda Rayside (Wagner ‘20), Arahant Ashok Kumar (Courant ‘20)

ShockTalk: Decreases adverse mental health effects by focusing on healing unresolved historical and intergenerational trauma through increasing access to culturally appropriate services, resources and content.

Team Members: Sutton King (GPH’20), Austin Serio (Gallatin ‘19)

Stumped: An online platform strengthening school communities with authentic student-teacher relationships in high schools. Positive, genuine relationships decrease dropout rates, increase attendance, and stimulate motivation inside and outside the classroom.

Team Members: Eli Taylor-Lemire (Tisch ‘23), Jeffrey Kravitz, Thomas Ross

INVIYT: For women that are passionate about travel and prefer traveling in groups, INVIYT is an app that connects women based on budget, destination and psychographics.

Team Members: Aliyah Brooks (Stern ‘21), Victoria Montenegro (Gallatin ‘21)

Tulii SkincareOffers holistic treatment for skin conditions, using our proprietary formulation, with efficacy and sensory pleasure in mind.

Team Members: Margaret Ackah-Yensu (Wagner ‘21), George Butcher


Meet the Summer Founder Circle teams:

dotchat: SaaS training platform for businesses. We produce content and learning modules that help employees master their work tools.

Team Members: Temirlan Nugmanov (Gallatin ‘20)

EvolvE Gaming: Offers educational training services and resources leveraging analytics and insights to support gamers who want to compete at the esports level.

Team Members: Harrison In (Tandon '21), Jeremy Eng

Flow: The platform allows buyers/managers at secondhand stores to increase sales and helps individuals sell unwanted clothing faster and at higher prices.

Team Members: Mansour Ndiaye (Tandon ‘21), Michael Luo (CAS '22)

Nourish & Refine: Helps women discover the power of self-care through all-natural and conscious products.

Team Members: Nikki Powers (Stern ‘21), Matt Powers

Rostocka digital media services and software platform that helps consumer brands harness user-generated content (UGC) to make their video marketing more authentic and relatable. We source, permission and repurpose UGC to close the "trust gap".

Team Members: Alex Kennedy (Stern ‘20)

Teff Lab: creates great tasting plant-based snack products made with teff grain while empowering rural producers and supporting education in Ethiopia. Teff is a gluten-free grain native to Ethiopia that's more nutrient dense than quinoa.

Team Members: Surafel Techane (Stern ‘20)

The Thinking Circle: an exclusive network of the top freelance content creators, graphic designers, photographers, and social media managers. Brands hire Thinking Circle creatives to execute on their most important projects.

Team Members: Valerie Chapman (Gallatin ’22), Harper Peck

Tunestack: a social networking app focused around music reviews & discovery.

Team Members: Sam Winslow (Steinhardt ‘21), Leo Lindo, Maurice Landers III

w/Purpose: a discovery and information platform that promotes a sustainable lifestyle for eco-conscious consumers, in the food industry, by incentivizing the community to make tradeoffs between cost, need, and social impact using one tool.

Team Members: Yvonne Cuaresma (Steinhardt ‘20), Spencer Ratanavanh (Gallatin '20)

Walkway: a portable floor mat that converts kinetic energy from foot traffic into electricity to help owners of large corporations, heads of sustainability, and heads of building management to lower energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Team Members: Benjamin Zhu (CAS ‘23), Max Trop (Tandon ‘23)