Meet the Teams in the Summer '19 Faculty Sprint

Please join us in congratulating the 9 NYU startup teams that will participate in the 2nd cohort of the Faculty Sprint.

During the week of August 26, faculty entrepreneurs and their PhD/postdoc teams will embark on a 5-day intensive program where they will test the commercial potential of their research with customers and partners. By the end of the program, teams will have devised an evidence-based business case to compliment their technology.

Over 20 teams applied, representing 13 NYU schools and colleges and ventures ranging from cleantech to digital health. We are thrilled to welcome and work with these teams!

  • ePVA: a communication tool that supports clinical practice in head and neck cancer
    • Team: Janet H. Van Cleave, PhD, RN (Assistant Professor, Meyers College of Nursing), Nadia Sultana, DNP, MBA, RN-BC (Clinical Assistant Professor, Meyers College of Nursing), Anthony Kostelnak (Meyers College of Nursing '19)
  • Missions for Love Beyond Borders: provides free therapeutic and educational services in order to improve the quality of life of individuals with disabilities in developing countries
    • Team: Sandra Duarte (Steinhardt, OT '21), Michelle Bocklage
  • OpenAir Collective: increases the awareness of, support for, and advancing the technology of Direct Air Capture
    • Team: Matt Parker (Professor, Tisch and Tisch ITP '09), Chris Neidl (Gallatin '13)
  • Chipsters: develops a System-on-a-Chip (SoC) security verification tool that includes building an integrated development environment to support the development of a full-chip SoC RTL.
    • Team: Azeez Bhavnagarwala, PhD (Professor, Tandon), Kartikey Purohit (Tandon '20), Yuan Liang (Tandon '20), Akhil Gudge Subramanya (Tandon '20)
  • QuMem Tech: designs and develops novel memory devices for quantum computation, using readily-available semiconductor and superconductor materials
    • Team: Kasra Sardashti (Researcher, Tandon), Tri Nguyen, Javad Shabani (Assistant Professor, FAS)
  • Urbane: a customizable urban analytics platform that supports the interactive analysis of spatio-temporal 2D as well as 3D data
    • Team: Harish Doraiswamy (Research Assistant Professsor, Tandon), Juliana Freire (Professor, Tandon), Claudio Silva (Professor, Tandon)
  • Ritrova: develops new therapies for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
    • Team: Cristina Alberini (Professor, Center for Neural Science), Leonardo Munari, Jenny Listman (GSAS '09)
  • CariedAway: brings cavity prevention programs to NYC elementary schools
    • Team: Dr. Richard Niederman (Professor, College of Dentistry), Habib Benzian (Adjunct Professor, College of Dentistry), Pratik Sourav (College of Global Public Health '18), Zara Niederman, Gina Neiderman
  • StudentBody: allows students to ask any health-related question anytime and get an actionable response to improve overall health and well-being
    • Team: Sonia Gonzalez, DrPH, MPH (Adjunct Associate Professor, College of Global Public Health), Samaria Filosa (College of Global Public Health '19), Elizabeth Hucul