Meet the 6th Cohort of the NYU Summer Launchpad

The 6th annual NYU Summer Launchpad Accelerator welcomes 12 teams this year!

Nearly 90 teams applied to participate in the 6th annual Summer Launchpad, representing 16 NYU schools and colleges. Ventures came from a diverse array of sectors in SaaS, hardware, healthcare/life sciences, and numerous others. Most notable this year, however, was the overwhelming focus on social innovation in women’s health, education, civic action, diversity initiatives and others.

This year’s teams will benefit from an incredible array of resources and perks, as they build out their ventures in this 9-week program. This includes:

We are thrilled to welcome and work with these teams this summer!


"Aduri was started to not only introduce more people to mindfulness and meditation, but to help them build a consistent practice. Consistency is the only way to achieve meaningful, lasting benefits from meditation. Once you establish a practice, the possibilities are limitless. We want to make our world happier, healthier and more mindful."

Founders: Jesal Trivedi (Tisch '18), Jahde Eve (Stern ‘11)


"Ballotbox is essentially Eventbrite for politics. We create an all-in-one community/event management platform for political campaigns, activists, and grassroots organizers. Our mission is to use the internet to connect people in the real world where they can build meaningful communities to influence their societies."

Founders: Sebastian Jimenez (Stern '18), Vanessa Chesnut (CAS '18), Tomasz Bachosz (Abu Dhabi '19)

Food Period

"Food Period helps women have great periods, naturally. We design functional food products, grounded in ancient practices, that support women's menstrual cycles using a monthly subscription box model."

Founders: Britt Martin (GSAS '18), Jenn Kim

Govern for America

"Our mission is to build the next generation of American civil servants and leaders to create more effective and responsive government. We recruit, train, develop, and connect exceptional recent graduates to key roles in state governments across the nation through a two-year fellowship program. Govern for America helps these talented and service-minded individuals find a pathway into high-impact roles in states and equips them with a toolkit to create a culture of effective government."

Founders: Kyleigh Russ (Wagner '19), Octavia Abell


"HealthHuddle is a mobile- and web-centric digital platform for hospitals. We provide critical patient information from EHRs at the bedside for nurses during handoffs, unit-wide activity summaries for charge nurses, and long-term workflow analytics for quality managers. We aim to eradicate hospital-acquired conditions by equipping care delivery teams with tools to manage their patients' data."

Founders: Sabina Braverman (Wagner '18), Andrew Dempsey (Tandon '19), Danny Silk (Wagner '18), Sushant Thomas (CAS '19)


"motivote is a peer-to-peer digital platform that harnesses behavioral science to help young voters hold themselves and their friends accountable for voting. In doing so, we seek to create an informed and inspired voting bloc that affects meaningful and lasting change."

Founders: Jessica Riegel (Wagner '18), Emily Graham (Wagner '18), Rachel Konowitz (Wagner '18)

NextGen Bootcamp

"NextGen is a computer science summer bootcamp tailored to high school and college students. During the summer, students will learn the equivalent of 2-4 courses of university level computer science and place into high level internships after the program that we provide."

Founders: Zach Cohen (Gallatin '20)


"Peblio is an instructional tool and lesson sharing platform for middle and high school computer science teachers. It leverages a mixed media development environment and social platform to provide engaging, active learning experiences to CS students."

Founders: Esther Hersh (Tisch '17), Mathura Govindarajan (Tisch '17), Regina Vetka (Tisch '17)


"Sunthetics drives sustainable change in the fashion industry by providing solar-powered pathway to manufacture environmentally-friendly nylon, while improving manufacturing cost and efficiency."

Founders: Myriam Sbeiti (Tandon '18), Daniela Blanco (Tandon '21), Professor Miguel Modestino (Tandon faculty), and Ben Rizkin (Tandon '21), Kyle Ireland (Tandon '18), and took home $100,000 as their prize!

The Diversity Org

“The Diversity Org's mission is to combat social issues by uniting people through education, media content and impacting communities. Our diverse team of millennials host high school events, partner with YouTube to create media content and unite people through impact events.”

Founders: Joshua Pierce (Tisch ’18), Daniel Rodriguez (CAS ’18), Claire Laugeois

We are the new Farmers

“The next-gen urban farm growing sustainable produce for specialty markets lacking year-round local supply. With an integrated algae production system, we grow cost competitive produce consistently throughout the year, regardless of season, providing hyper-local food to NYC.”

Founders: Jonas Guenther (Tandon ’18), Michael Udovich (Tandon ’18), Daniel Bernstein


Starting in June and stretching into the summer, the Entrepreneurial Institute team, along with our Blackstone LaunchPad network of over 60 entrepreneurs and startup investors, will work with these teams to guide them as they launch their ventures.

On July 12, please join us for the 5th annual NYU-Yale Summer Accelerator Pitchoff! Then on August 8, you can see the incredible work of these startups at our Venture Showcase, where teams will showcase their products, services, and hardwork.