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Roundup: 2018 Entrepreneurs Festival Videos!

Though the excitement of the 2018 NYU Entrepreneurs Festival has passed, the lessons learned from our biggest conference still linger.

Numerous panels, roundtables, and workshops offered our over 1,000 attendees tried and true experiences and insights on virtually every aspect of entrepreneurship. Nearly all NYU schools were represented, demonstrating just how diverse the work of entrepreneurship can be. During the Festival, we also invited three NYU alumni as keynote speakers to share their journeys and wisdom as founders and entrepreneurs. We captured these videos so that you can always refer back to the timeless knowledge!

1. Di-Ann Eisnor, Founder of Waze U.S

Image of Di-Ann Eisnor, founder of Waze U.S.

Di-Ann greeted the auditorium with an easy and relatable energy. She shared lots of stories about her journey through NYU, the challenges of the entrepreneurial life, and her biggest lessons learned with Waze. You can catch a few of them here:

2. Dr. Nedal Shami, Co-Founder of CityMD

Image of Nedal Shami, Co-Founder of CityMD

Dr. Nedal Shami brought such humor to his talk! He shared stories about his transition from working in the conventional healthcare space to innovating it. Here are our favorite shorts from his keynote:


3. Tony Shure, Co-Founder of Chopt

Image of Tony Shure, co-founder of Chopt

Tony reminded us of his NYU days and told us stories of the road trip that birthed the idea for Chopt. He emphasized the importance of building a great team, of testing your idea (and yourself), and to keep talking to customers. Here are some of our favorite shorts from Tony:


 And in case you missed it, read the Festival Co-Chairs' reflection on the event, and enjoy the festival highlights (2:13):

We'll see you next year!