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Meet the 2024 Summer Launchpad Cohort

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The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute is proud to host the 2024 NYU Summer Launchpad Cohort!

Now in its 12th year, the nine-week Summer Launchpad (SLP) helps NYU’s most promising and scalable startups to refine their business models and solutions, accelerate their customer acquisition, and position their ventures for scale. Participating teams receive one-on-one coaching, mentorship from NYC investors and experienced entrepreneurs, immersive customer development training, legal and accounting services via Brown Rudnick and Rooled, and $12,000 in non-dilutive funding, all in a dynamic and community-minded atmosphere.

The Summer Launchpad has boosted dozens of notable ventures, including Brooklinen, Baton, Dathic, Frich, Geopipe, GigFinesse, Govern For America, JonesMedivis, MyWellbeing, Pepper, Rilla, SabaiShe Matters, The Diversity Org, and We Are the New Farmers. Accelerator alumni are collectively generating more than $200 million in annual revenue.

This year’s Summer Launchpad runs from June 11 - Aug. 8 at the Leslie eLab.

Meet the teams in the 2024 Summer Launchpad Cohort:

Context is an AI-powered learning platform that allows artists and designers to learn creative coding through interactive experiences tailored to their learning goals, needs, and preferences. It ensures effective learning outcomes by using AI to generate every step of the education journey, from learning plans to educational content.

Dror Margalit (Tisch ‘24), Somya Gupta (Tandon ‘25)

Flashdocs enables customer-facing teams to instantly create presentations that are highly personalized for their clients via an AI-powered Google Slides and PowerPoint plug-in.

Adam Khakhar (Courant ‘25), Morten Bruun

Foxa.AI is an AI Coding Teacher that transforms beginners into proficient software engineers through personalized, interactive challenges on real-world projects.

Oana Ciherean (Stern ‘23), Irina Barbos

Hedge is the robo-advisor for sports gambling.

Henry Armistead (SPS ‘24), Nico Colosso

Insightflow transforms hours of customer videos into engaging insights in just 5 minutes and facilitates impactful presentation 

Catherine Zhao (GSAS ‘24), Sheena Garg (Tandon ‘24)

Intoit is a social media and event ticketing hybrid designed to eliminate friction from the nightlife experience and bring people together through music. Seamlessly find relevant events based on your music taste and share new music and experiences with friends, all in one place.  

Nick Bekos (Stern ‘24), Arsh Jhaveri (CAS ‘24)

Latte is a gamified mentorship platform built for higher ed. 

Jerry Chen (Stern ‘25), Juntao Xu

MetroMesh Media transforms out-of-home advertising by leveraging food delivery networks with advanced geo targeted displays. This approach provides hyper-local, cost-effective, real-time advertising solutions that enhance client visibility and engagement, offering an alternative to traditional street-level ads​​.

Winn Hsu (Tandon ‘24), Mark Lee (Tandon ‘24), Jessica Hsu

Mova Living is solving the temporary housing needs for the modern nomad.

Julia Maksimova (Stern ‘25), Ishita Jaiswal (Stern)

Nightshipper provides legal automation services to immigration law offices.

Maximilian Slavin (GSAS ‘24), Verena Podolskaia (GSAS ‘25), Iurii Plotkin, Dimitry Slavin

Niura developed focus-sensing earbuds that turns productivity into a game for young professionals and students in higher education. Niura harnesses the power of EEG to track focus and stress to optimize productivity and work-rest cycles.

Shahriar Huda (Tandon ‘26), Pari Patel, Ryan Ahmed, Authoy Das

Synaptrix Labs is a neurotechnology startup building non-invasive brain computer interfaces and novel AI models to restore mobility and communication in paralyzed individuals.

Aryan Govil (CAS ‘24), Eric Yao (CAS ‘24), Christina Borao (CAS ‘24)