Spring '18 Roundup: Our Favorite Podcast Episodes

Did you catch all of the Talking Startups at NYU podcast episodes from this semester? If not, it's not too late! Here's a roundup of our listeners' favorite episodes.


1. Meika Hollender from Sustain Natural
Episode: Re-Contextualizing Condoms for Gender Equality 

We talked with Meika Hollender (Stern '13), who is the Founder of Sustain Natural. She told us why rethinking the condom (& other sexual health products) is important to gender equality, and closing the pay and orgasm gap.


2. Michael Lebowitz from Big Spaceship
Episode: How to Stumble, Strive, and Succeed in Advertising

Michael Lebowitz is a a guest lecturer at Stern and Founder of Big Spaceship. He shared the pros and cons of building an award-winning advertising agency without a business degree.


3. Guy Story from Audible
Episode: When Audio Met Digital: How Audible Leveraged the Perfect Union

We talked with Guy Story (GSAS '80), Founding CTO at Audible, about what happened in the 80s when audio met digital, and how Audible made audiobooks a thing.


4. Estee Goldschmidt from Shop Drop
Episode: The Journey of Taking Risks to Help You Look Good

Estee Goldschmidt (Stern '17) is the founder of ShopDrop. Through the Shop Drop app, Estee aimed to offer users the ease of finding sample sales in their area. She told us how she learned to cope with the stresses of starting a business versus following a more traditional career.


5. Jonathan Teller from eos
Episode: Re-inventing the Lip Balm

Founder of eos, Jonathan Teller (CAS '91), talked about identifying a market opportunity and re-inventing the common lip balm. He shared with us his philosophy on the risks & rewards of innovating in the beauty industry.



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