Entrepreneurial Institute

Announcing the Fall ‘15 Prototyping Fund Awardees!

The Entrepreneurial Institute and the Tandon Greenhouse are pleased to announce the awardees for our 5th NYU Prototyping Fund cohort! The applications committee was impressed by the diversity of ideas: prototypes ranged from fitness to health care to wearable technology.

Selected teams will receive up to $500 from the NYU Prototyping Fund to build and test hardware and software prototypes. Read about selected teams below and join us on December 4th for the showcase.

Fall ‘15 Prototyping Fund Awardees:

Ecphory: a wearable EEG headset that interfaces with software to improve learning and education. Teon Brooks, CAS ’16; Andrew Heusser, CAS ‘16
Embrace: an assistive robot for seniors and disabled to improve their life quality and safety using connected sensors, telecommunication technology and artificial intelligence. Rubin Huang, ITP ’16; Luke Kao, ITP ‘16

Fit AI: a smart barbell with embedded motion sensors and strain gauges that collect weightlifting performance data, such as weight, repetitions, tempo and form. Twinkle Gupta, Steinhardt ’19; Andrew Hong, CAS ’19; Zach Nagin, Tisch ’19; Temirlan Nugmanov, SPS ‘19

Mind the GAP: a mechanical aid for wheelchairs trying to overcome the subway gap. Oryan Inbar, ITP ’16; Matthew Welt, Steinhardt ‘17

Mountain Bike Wrist Protection: a protective palmar pad designed to conform to mountain bike gloves and protect the areas of the wrist most prone to injury. Kenneth Brock, SOM ’16; Michael Gottschalk, SOM ’15; Jeffrey Soffer, Stern ‘16

Open Source Robotic Hands: an open-source, low cost robotic hand to help the disabled with hand-functions like grab and gestures. Jiawen Hu, Tisch ’17; Tianshi Xu, Engineering ’17; Fenguan Zhu, ITP ‘17

Ophthoview: goggles that act as a full service glaucoma treatment and vision aid device. Vivek Kumar, SOM ’17; Linda Lolo, Stern ’17; Meghna Sarma, Stern/Law ‘17

Scentie: a wearable that can emit a scent chosen by the user at a given time. Binyao Sun, ITP ’16; Yilei Zhang, ITP ‘16