Meet the 2023 Summer Launchpad Cohort

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The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute is proud to host the 2023 NYU Summer Launchpad Cohort!

Now in its 11th year, the Summer Launchpad (SLP) helps NYU’s most promising and scalable startups to refine their business models and solutions, accelerate their customer acquisition, and position their ventures for scale. Participating teams receive one-on-one coaching, mentorship from NYC investors and experienced entrepreneurs, immersive customer development training, legal and accounting services via McCarter & English and EisnerAmper, and $10,000 in non-dilutive funding, all in a dynamic and community-minded atmosphere.

This summer, seven teams representing seven different NYU schools/departments will take part in the nine-week customer validation intensive accelerator. This year’s Summer Launchpad runs from June 13-Aug. 10 at the Leslie eLab.

The Summer Launchpad has boosted dozens of notable ventures, including Brooklinen, Baton, Dathic, Kinvolved, Geopipe, GigFinesse, Govern For America, Medivis, MyWellbeing, Pepper, She Matters, The Diversity Org, and We Are the New Farmers. Accelerator alumni are collectively generating more than $200 million in annual revenue.

Meet the teams in the 2023 Summer Launchpad Cohort:

MindFull creates fuel for a new age: A zero-caffeine, zero-sugar, and zero-calorie natural energy drink. Its ketone-enriched beverages are revolutionizing the way you get your energy fix!

Rachel Josepho (Tandon '23), Shanay Siroya (Stern '21)

CRUSH empowers users to overcome dating insecurity, specifically a fear of rejection, by allowing them to put dating advice into practice with the help of an AI dating coach, peer accountability, and weekend in-person challenges.

Nemo (Tisch '21, GSAS '23), Meesha (Tisch '21)

Edgi is building a tool to help autodidactic AP students ace their exams and pursue their own intellectual curiosities.

Josh Shapiro (Gallatin '18), David Roth (Stern '18, Tandon '23)

Kaizntree is an online platform that helps small business owners streamline their sales channels and manage their inventory.

Marcos Brisson (Shanghai '23), Michaela Vitug, Etienne Ortega (Shanghai '24), Benoît Van Keer (Shanghai '23)

LikeHome lets urban apartment-dwellers design their dream spaces, regardless of budget. Its app starts by understanding users' style, then generates curated mood boards of furniture they can directly purchase.

Milo Schindler (Gallatin '23), Angela Shen-Hsieh, Chris Sansavera (Tisch '19, Tisch Staff)

Nagimo installs interactive devices on indoor climbing walls to enable climbers to track, upload, and share their performance on a dedicated platform. It also allows gyms to configure and monitor climbs, gain insight into climbers’ behavior, and receive feedback.

Victor Guillemot (GSAS '22), Louise Naginski (CAS '22)

Peeramid helps university administrative offices optimize retention of students who fail to receive support for their well-being by providing a social wellness mobile app, because peers get it.

Megan Fricke (Tandon '22), Vivi Wei (CAS '22)