Meet the 2023 J-Term Startup Sprint Cohort

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After a competitive application round that garnered 96 total submissions, we are proud to announce the teams accepted into the 2023 J-Term Startup Sprint!

This year’s J-Term Startup Sprint cohort includes 16 teams representing 12 different NYU schools/departments. This 2-week customer discovery intensive accelerator offers participants the opportunity to get the support and resources they need to test the potential value of their solutions. This year’s J-Term Startup Sprint runs from Jan. 9-20 at the Leslie eLab.

The Startup Sprint is designed to teach aspiring NYU entrepreneur teams how to transform their ideas and inventions into businesses. Sprints challenge participants to deepen their understanding of their customers and to cater their business ideas to customers' needs.

Perks of the program include:

  • Daily startup coaching and feedback
  • Daily skills-building workshops from startup experts and venture capitalists
  • A $500 grant, plus an opportunity for select teams to receive up to $500 in additional funding
  • Over $5,000 in perks, including AWS and GitHub credits
  • Legal guidance from Fenwick & West
  • 1:1 coaching from expert mentors
  • + Select Sprint teams will be invited to interview for NYU’s Summer Launchpad accelerator after the program
  • Read here to learn more about the Startup Sprint program

We are thrilled to welcome and work with the following teams:

021 is an app for early-stage habit-builders to make money while developing habits in a positive and goal-oriented community. The platform utilizes social media and an innovative reward/penalty system to promote accountability among users.

Tiffany Lee (CAS ‘23), Branden Kang (NYUAD ‘21), Neil Araujo (Tandon ‘23)

AVS Foundation is a 501(c) nonprofit that aims to provide educational aids and school supplies to disadvantaged students and their schools.

Lamisa Khan (CAS ‘24), Nausheen Alam (Gallatin ‘25), Fajr Baig (Tandon ‘24)

CircleEd is an affordable information sharing website that provides international college application instructions to Chinese students who need tutoring through the process and are struggling with costly consulting services.

Zihan Mei (Steinhardt ‘22), Yuhan Zhu (Steinhardt '22)

Dromo Tech is a 3D scanning company that provides local transportation departments and property management companies with real-time road and sidewalk defect detection while using AI to create a defect rating system.

Peter Geras (Tandon ‘22), Iffat Rahman (Tandon ‘21)

Giraffe is a website-based AI tool that tackles various challenges in the process of decarbonizing urban buildings, starting with quick energy efficiency assessments that provide building owners with immediate insight into how they can reduce their emissions.

Xiangyue (Max) Wang (GSAS ‘23), Roxanne Jiang (SPS ‘23), Richard Lin (GSAS ‘23)

IvorySquare is an online community where researchers and college students can find and publish openings for research assistant positions, as well as browse and showcase their research work.

Sen Yang (Stern ‘23), Xinyu Zhang (Stern ‘25), Zitong Wang

Loom is a low-sugar juice alternative that is on a mission to change the way people drink juice.

John Borelli (Stern ‘23), Bill Butrymowicz

MindFull is a zero-caffeine, zero-sugar, and zero-calorie natural energy drink that serves as an alternative to caffeine-heavy and sugary drinks on the market.

Rachel Josepho (Tandon ‘23), Shanay Siroya (Stern ‘21)

MIRE is a website and app that matches individuals ages 17-40 in the Balkans region with psychotherapists in Albania and Kosovo. It aims to make mental healthcare accessible and improve the therapy experience by connecting individuals with psychotherapists that cater to their specific needs.

Emili Berisha (GSAS ‘23), Shivani Kannan (Courant '24)

Nagimo is a social network that connects members of the indoor climbing community and offers services to enhance the climbing experience in and out the gym.

Victor Guillemot (GSAS ‘22), Louise Naginski (CAS ‘22)

NeRb employs cost-effective game-based therapies for stroke and traumatic brain and spinal cord injury survivors.

Alex Pak (Post-doc Fellow at the NYU Center for Neural Science), Siyuan Wang (Tandon ‘23)

Nomad provides a spoken language learning application with virtual AI assistance.

Duygu Ataman (Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow at the NYU Computer Science Department)

One Meta is a Software as a Service (Saas) built for the jewelry industry that helps owners and managers retain and acquire new customers, increase sales and brand awareness, and elevate end consumer experience through informed purchase decisions.

Cecilia Pham (Stern ‘25), Suchit Gupta

Peeramid Labs, Inc. is an integrated self-educational, peer-supported, and community-empowered SaaS platform built to help academic offices address the needs of college students living with mental health issues.

Megan Fricke (Tandon ‘22), Vivi Wei (CAS ‘22)

SHAME Magazine is Playboy for 21st Century gamer boys: an online publication and community that helps young, online-dwelling men who are romantically- and socially-challenged develop skills for fulfilling love lives.

Yaroslava Bondar (GSAS ‘23), Jocelyn Landes (Tisch '22, Steinhardt '22)

Somewhere Somehow is a shared social calendar tool to help users find time to hang out with friends.

Alexandra Debow (Tandon ‘24), Weilyn Chong, Nathan Ahn