Meet the 2022 Summer Launchpad teams!

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Summer Launchpad (SLP) provides NYU’s most promising early-stage startups the support and resources they need to accelerate their growth and impact. Selected teams receive one-on-one mentorship from NYC investors and entrepreneurs, customer development training, legal and accounting services via Brown Rudnick and EisnerAmper, cloud computing from Amazon Web Services, and $10,000 in non-dilutive grant funding — all in a dynamic, immersive atmosphere.

Now in its tenth year, SLP launched countless successful NYU startups, including BrooklinenDathicKinvolvedGeopipeGigfinesseGovern for AmericaMedivisMy Wellbeing, She MattersThe Diversity Organd We Are the New Farmers, to just name a few. SLP alumni are collectively generating hundreds of millions in annual revenue!


Meet the teams in the 2022 NYU Summer Launchpad Cohort:

Alluder is a video annotation platform that enables film students to add notes, research, and feedback to personal and commercially available films and tv.

Aaron Peterson (Tandon '24), Adam Peterson (CAS '15), Tara Wilson (CAS '14)


Baton is a blockchain-enabled web platform and collaboration protocol that ensures artists are accurately credited and equitably compensated for their work.

Gabe Warshaw (Tisch '23), Armon Naeini (Tisch '23), Claire Bogle, Sami Forzinetti


CYOBot co-designs customized teaching tools and learning activities with professors to keep university labs up-to-date with industry-demand technology stacks and save professors' time and logistic effort in (re)designing engineering coursework.

Roxy Ho (Steinhardt '22), Duy Nguyen, Evelyn Le, Minh Ngo, Phi Anh Nguyen


Jīvikā teaches mindfulness through micro-habits to reduce frontline caregiver burnout and attrition.

Ayman Mukerji (Silver '21), Tapan Mukerji


Jones is a judgment-free journey to a vape-less life, through a personalized nicotine replacement subscription, behavioral support and digital community.

Caroline Huber (Stern '23), Hilary Dubin


Resist Nutrition makes plant-based, functional protein bars filled with science-backed ingredients for food-conscious women with a hormonal disorder, so they can support their hormonal balance and avoid symptom flare-ups.

Drew Lederman (Tisch '20), Emily Cohen (Steinhardt '22)


Trousso is a resale platform that's making upscale wedding wear financially accessible and environmentally sustainable for the next generation of brides. The startup is building a circular economy for weddings, where brides can buy and sell nearly-new wedding fashion for the 8+ celebrations surrounding the ceremony/reception.

Erica Ramos (Stern '23), Justina Breen


Shop Rodeo is a mobile application that leverages short-form video content that streamlines the discovery-to-checkout process for the young, socially-driven shopper while compensating content creators for their direct impact on brand sales.

Lindsay Perper (Stern '23), Grace Givens, Luis Vaz


UBet is a decentralized exchange for sports betting.

Daniel Im (GSAS '23), Josh Lee