Meet the 2021 Summer Launchpad teams!

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Summer Launchpad (SLP) provides NYU’s most promising early-stage startups the support and resources they need to accelerate their growth and impact. Selected teams receive one-on-one mentorship from NYC investors and entrepreneurs, customer development training, legal and accounting services via McCarter & English and EisnerAmper, cloud computing from Amazon Web Services, and $10,000 in non-dilutive grant funding—all in a dynamic, immersive atmosphere.

Now in its ninth year, SLP launched countless successful NYU startups including, BrooklinenDathicKinvolvedGeopipe, including GigfinesseGovern for AmericaMedivisMy Wellbeing, She MattersThe Diversity Organd We Are the New Farmers, to just name a few. SLP alumni are collectively generating more than $110 million in annual revenue! 

Meet the 8 teams in the (virtual) NYU Summer Launchpad 2021 cohort:

infographic about Summer Launchpad teams

Meet the 2021 Summer Launchpad Teams: 8 startups getting training, mentorship, networking, and $10,000 grants. 52% of participants are women and 48% are men. The program provides access to 32 founder mentors and 19 investor mentors. Parks are provided by McCarter & English, AWS, EisnerAmper, Blackstone LaunchPad & Techstars, First Republic Bank, Zendesk, HubSpot, and more.

Arium: is a browser-based platform for building, sharing and attending 3D exhibition spaces with spatial video chat.

Team: Aidan Nelson (Tisch ‘19), Dan Oved (Tisch ‘19)

Frich: is the first social finance app that enables Gen Z to develop mindful spending habits by setting goals together with friends and keeping each other accountable. Imagine a fitness app but for your finances.

Team: Aleksandra Medina (Abu Dhabi ‘21), Katrin Kaurov

Letryx: is a SaaS solution that accelerates M&A deal execution by automating contract term analysis and drafting. 

Team: Vlad Kobzar (GSAS ‘21), Clifton King, Luke Burns

Middlemen: is a secure marketplace that reimagines how people trade collectibles like sneakers, handbags, and jewelry online.

Team: Brandon Lee (Gallatin ‘22), George Li

Rooted Fare: creates unique, ready-to-use Asian sauces to make cooking Asian comfort foods easy and efficient for young, busy Asian Americans who are new to cooking by partnering and profit-sharing with experienced immigrant chefs to capture those cornerstone flavors.

Team: Ashley Xie (Steinhardt ‘20), Hedy Yu, Tina Zhou (Steinhardt ‘20), Amanda Joa (Steinhardt ‘20)

Techfunic: affordable Math & Tech tutoring for children in a social learning environment.

Team: Ann Andrews (Stern ‘23), Limi Rose Tom, Shatank Gupta, Gerald Painkras, Nitin Nair

Theatre Advocacy Project: solves the problem of unsafe, inequitable, and costly working conditions for theatre artists and administrators by providing external HR services and offering personal consultants for accountability to regional theatre managers.

Team: Caylin Waller (Steinhardt ‘22), Colette Gregory, Jillian Weimer, C.J. Malloy

Visura: studies the structural challenges to searching and finding quality and diverse content and talent on the internet. We identify, design, and build proprietary software to address these challenges for the news, media, and journalism industries.

Team: Adriana Teresa Letorney (GSAS '21), Graham Letorney