Meet the Fall 2021 cohort of the NYU First Generation to College Founders Fellowship

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This Fall, the NYU First Generation to College Founders Fellowship will offer 13 undergraduate students, representing 7 different NYU schools, the opportunity to seek mentorship, build community, and gain momentum for their startups. The Fellows will also have the opportunity to apply for up to $5,000 in scholarships after successfully completing the program.

  • Community: build connections with the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and meet other student entrepreneurs through monthly events and workshops.
  • Mentorship: receive 1:1 coaching on their venture and peer support on overcoming challenges as a student entrepreneur
  • Momentum: learn about the lean methodology and apply problem-solution fit so that they have the necessary tools to solve a meaningful problem.

This fellowship is sponsored by Santander through their Santander’s Universities program.

We are thrilled to welcome and work with the following Fellows:

Abhinav Mangat (Abu Dhabi '25), Founder of Parental: a digital ecosystem for parents, simplifying and leveraging parenting through well researched, tech enabled and new age parenting programs, personalized coaching and AI powered individual child assessment engines i.e Analysis, Recommendation and Curation.

Daniel Caicedo (CAS '24), Co-Founder of UpSide: a platform aimed at democratizing secondary private equity by providing secure, efficient and accessible transactions between current private equity holders looking to make an exit with potential secondary accredited retail investors.

Estella Stuck (Gallatin '24), Founder of Estella Struck Marketing: an agency that helps established sustainable businesses expand their Gen Z reach using social media and short form video content in order to create authentic connections with consumers that convert. 

Jermaine Stokes (CAS '22): Founder of Promethean Mails: delivers bulk Gmails, Outlooks, and emails to streetware collectors and sneaker collectors/resellers who desire to buy limited edition shoes and clothes, without needing to pay exorbitant costs.

Louis Ciano (Tandon '24), Co-Founder of Recalled: a bluetooth recording device that provides real-time text analytics and summaries for business meetings.

Mohammad Asfour (Tandon '22), Co-Founder of Xloosv: a private social communication app that brings college students from a single university an easy way of communication and discovery from their first day and throughout their college journey to build academic and social engagement.

Mohammad Yasser (Abu Dhabi '22), Co-Founder of Intern-shipped: a marketplace service that vets undergraduate students as potential candidates for their first internship role at companies, and balances the expectations of both students and companies from the internship program.

Neev Mittal (Courant ‘22), Co-Founder of CoStudy: the next generation of peer evaluations that provide customizable, research-based insights for professors in higher education.

Safi Jami (SPS '22), Founder of BlushRush: the all in one social media platform for all makeup enthusiasts that allows networking between makeup gurus as well as amateurs.

Suren Aghazadian (Stern ‘22), Co-Founder of Peels: utilizes food waste to engineer sustainable solutions in the paper & packaging industry.

Taza Sahar (Abu Dhabi '22), Co-Founder of Dukan Auto Techfocuses on creating B2B SAAS for the global recycled auto parts industry.