Meet the Teams: 2020 NYU Tech Venture Workshop

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The NYU Tech Venture Workshop is a three half-day immersive program where faculty entrepreneurs and their PhD/postdoc/research teams learn how to test the commercial potential of their research directly with customers and partners. Participating teams receive grant funding from the National Science Foundation, coaching, and attend workshops on selecting the right market, customer segment, IP, and more.

The Tech Venture Workshop introduces commercialization methodologies adopted by the NSF, NIH, DOD, DOE, and other federal agencies, including business model design and customer development (AKA the Lean Startup).

Participating teams are eligible to apply to participate in the Tech Venture Intensive and Tech Venture Accelerator (details coming early in 2021), and to become Mark & Debra Leslie Tech Venture Fellows and receive up to $50,000 in grant funding to further their research commercialization efforts. Teams are also eligible to apply to participate in the NSF I-Corps program and will be well poised to raise seed funding and a strong SBIR/STTR grant application in the future.

Are you interested in participating in the NYU Tech Venture Workshop? Apply to be a part of our Spring 2021 cohorts! More information and deadlines can be found on the NYU Tech Venture Workshop page.


2020 NYU Tech Venture Workshop Teams


December Cohort:

BioCipher Therapeutics

Wei Ting Chelsea Lee (Grossman Postdoc), Sarah Keegan (Grossman Researcher), David Fenyo (Grossman Faculty), Eli Rothenberg (Grossman Faculty), Tony Huang (Grossman Faculty)

Nanoscale-based microscopy platform to detect single molecule and software to analyze drug action at a single cell resolution to ascertain drug efficacy to help physicians identify drug regimens best suited for the patient’s cancer and to enable biomarkers and drug discoveries for biopharma.



Pablo Ripolles (FAS Faculty), Claire Pelofi (FAS Researcher), Dana Bevilacqua (FAS Staff)

Developing an affordable, do-it-yourself wearable sensor for the real-time detection and visualization of peak moments of music-evoked emotion.



Young Kwang Kim (Dentistry Faculty), Jeff Karp, Julien Lamazouade

A marketplace for healthcare inventors, makers, and innovation scouts to find and to connect to bring innovations to market.



Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli (Abu Dhabi Postdoc), Christos Plachouras (Abu Dhabi '21), Carlos Guedes (Abu Dhabi Faculty)

Creates a vibrant independent-music ecosystem through a double-sided platform joining its stake-holders — creators, consumers, and organizers — with a unique AI-based music-search functionality.


Portable Diagnostic Systems

Glennon Simmons (Dentistry Staff), Kritika Srinivasan (Grossman PhD), Jose Wippold

Developing a portable, real time multi-drug testing platform for roadside drug enforcement testing.



David Gresham (FAS Faculty), Rich Bonneau (FAS Faculty), Bobby Arora (FAS Faculty)

Developing protein mimetic-based therapeutics using a proprietary platform to drive discoveries of drugs with improved bioavailability and selectivity for drug targets, including difficult targets in oncology.


TAP Diagnostics

Dustin Britton (Tandon PhD '23), Jacob Kronenberg (Tandon PhD)

Developing a transmissible infectious disease colorimetric test for point of care (POC) diagnostic and/or home use, starting with COVID19.



September Cohort:


Aidan Nelson (Tisch Faculty), Dan Oved (Tisch Faculty)

Provides a virtual events platform that allows large groups (100+) to gather together organically in a rendered 3D environment in the browser.



Danny Grannick (Tandon '22), Brian Maurer, Shivam Patel, David Lin

Applies proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence to genomic and metabolomic data from oral cavities microbes to monitor and to predict oral health, beginning with periodontal diseases.



Suzana Duran Bernardes (Tandon PhD '22), Kaan Ozbay (Tandon Faculty), Abdullah Kurkcu

Is a platform – that includes a portable multi-sensor device which is mounted to a bicycle, a software framework to collect and store data, and a smartphone application for tracking and route selection – that uses IoT to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety.

Crystal Math

Mark Tuckerman (FAS Faculty), Nikolaos Galanakis (FAS Postdoc)

Developing an algorithm to predict molecular structure diversity to assess and to monitor drug properties during manufacturing.



Andreas Hielscher (Tandon Faculty), Alessandro Marone (Tandon Researcher), Nisha Dawn Maheshwari (Tandon Researcher)

Providing a novel optical imaging device and software which allows doctors to predict chemotherapy response within days after treatment initiation.



Tae Hong Park (Steinhardt Faculty), Christian Staack, Minjoon Yoo

Offers objective noise reporting through automatic aircraft noise intensity, duration and location tracking around airport communities.



Vladimir Kobzar (GSAS PhD '21), Clifton King, Luke Burns

Is developing a provably secure ML platform for contract analytics that does not require manually annotated data.



Yansong Peng (Tandon '21), Weiqiang Chen (Tandon Faculty), Chao Ma (Tandon Post-doc)

Developing an organ-on-a-chip microfluidic technology for drug discoveries and testing for blood cancers.


µPatho Diagnostics 

Pavithra Sukumar (Abu Dhabi Researcher), Alla Saleh (Abu Dhabi Researcher), Mohammad Qasaimeh (Abu Dhabi Faculty)

Developing an affordable, rapid paper-based multiplex test for the detection of bacteria/viruses by Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP), a technology that is key to current and future epidemics/pandemics.