The 4 Best Things About the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival

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This blog post was written by Major Carr (Steinhardt '21), Co-chair of the 9th annual NYU Entrepreneurs Festival.

Hello! My name is Major and I’m a senior studying Media, Culture and Communication. I’m excited to be a Co-chair of this year’s NYU Entrepreneurs Festival. I had no idea what to expect the first time I attended the Festival, but after racing from one event to the next, I quickly realized how much the NYU entrepreneurial community has to offer. Keep reading to get a sneak peak of the best things you can expect at #NYUEF!


1. Meeting New People through Networking

You have absolutely heard this before: the best thing about any conference is meeting people. It cannot be overstated that networking is the number one reason to attend the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival. Meeting like-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about building startups and pursuing innovation is important, even more so when they’re already in your community. The Festival is the perfect opportunity to connect with students and alumni who are likely already in your classes or other organizations around campus. By attending, you develop your own network and, in turn, help build a close-knit community of entrepreneurs at NYU. This year, we’re excited to introduce a special new way to virtually connect with other students and startups: the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival Slack!


2. Learning about Startups in Different Industries

While we are all connected through the NYU community, the panelists, keynote speakers, and students themselves work across a variety of industries. I look forward to hearing insights from founders who work in fields ranging from healthcare and government to media, food, and technology, and others who are spearheading startups focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. Each speaker provides new perspectives that together create a festival rich with diverse content. There’s definitely something for everyone!


3. Asking Questions You Have Always Wanted Answered

Have you ever had a question regarding entrepreneurship – or your own startup – that Google just couldn’t provide the answer for? The Festival is the place to ask the experts and get actionable advice. Roundtables, in particular, provide the perfect opportunity to ask lawyers, founders, and other professionals all of your burning questions. Getting to hear other attendees’ questions is also a great way to learn. Whether you are curious about raising funds, the legal challenges, or how to get your idea off the ground, the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival provides real tailored answers beyond anything Google can provide.


4. Being Inspired and Motivated

At the end of the Festival, I always feel empowered with information and ready to innovate. My head is full of new ideas and I feel motivated and armed with knowledge. The keynote speakers' inspiring talks and my fellow entrepreneurs' passion rubs off on me in such an impactful way. Especially during a year that has been especially challenging, I am looking forward to the excitement and enthusiasm that the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival always delivers.



Attending the Festival virtually this year will be a new experience. However, I am confident that the core reasons why I love the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival will remain regardless of its format. Secure your spot at this year's festival on Friday, October 23rd! I look forward to connecting with you.