Meet the teams: 3rd Annual J-Term Startup Sprint

Join us in welcoming the 2020 J-Term Startup Sprint cohort:

This J-Term, the Startup Sprint will offer NYU teams the opportunity to get funding and test the value of their potential solutions. The Sprint is a 2-week customer discovery and mentorship intensive.

The Startup Sprint is designed to support those who have an idea, perhaps formed a team, or have a project they’ve been working on. Through this intensive, NYU entrepreneurs can begin to really build out their startups.

Perks of the program include:

  • A $1,000 grant, plus an opportunity for select teams to receive up to $1,500 in additional funding
  • $5,000 credit from Amazon Web Services
  • Legal guidance from Fenwick + West
  • 1:1 coaching from expert mentors
  • Lots of startup skills workshops
  • 24/7 co-working space at the Leslie eLab
  • And much more!

We are thrilled to welcome and work with these teams this J-Term!


CaregiveHER: maximizes active non-medical caregiving relationships for people supporting women with breast cancer, making it easier to know what to do, say and give via a mobile app and website. 

Team: Ilysse Rimalovski (Gallatin '21), Ilene Grossman, Faye Rimalovski


ChemAIstry: uses machine-learning to speed up the R&D for new process development in electrochemistry, leading to faster implementation of new chemicals and new processes that are more environmentally-friendly.

Team: Myriam Sbeiti (Tandon ‘18) and Will O’Connell (Tandon ‘20)


Dptron: the washing machine for real-world data 

Team: Bilal Munawar (Shanghai ‘21), Muddassar Sharif (Shanghai ‘19)


Guava: Blue check verified for the world’s unidentified people. Providing digital identification to the unbanked in the developing world, bridges the gap to mobile banking and greater financial inclusion.

Team: Asnat Ghebremedhin (CUSP ‘20), Akash Yadav (Tisch ‘19)


Intermeshed Steel Connection: Snap together structural steel connector applicable to beams, columns, and portal frames. The approach exploits recent advancement in digital manufacturing to bring easy, time savings, and dismounting options to an industry that has not seen a new universal connection in over 100 years

Team: Debra Laefer (Professor, Tandon) and Salam Al-Sabah 


Maxwell: fully automated Transcranial Doppler radar

Team: Mehran Baboli (Langone Postdoc Fellow ‘20) and Azadeh Sharafi (Langone Postdoc Fellow)


Mimameith: an evidence-based individualized decision solutions platform for behavioral interventions

Team: Ying Lu, PhD (Associate Professor, Steinhardt), Maria Grigos, PhD (Associate Professor, Steinhardt), Thomas Gold, PhD and Kate Yi Wang (Steinhardt '20)


Opus: creating securitized tokens for use in syndicated loans to improve book-keeping and to facilitate the secondary market for the loans to reduce the amount of time and money spent between parties. 

Team: Santiago Lopez Del Pino (Stern ‘22) and Luca Washenko (Stern ‘22)


R3Analytics: an Artificial Intelligence and data analytics company that offers  a ML-based product that extract, analyze and visualize data to help companies increase their sales making data oriented decisions. 

Team: Laura Rocha (Wagner ‘20), Pablo Gil, Jose Ramirez


Thinkers: an offline and online curriculum that provides teens with the practical life skills training they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Team: Rina Patel (Gallatin ‘20) and Sydney McCoy 


War Locker: create innovative and superior protective gears for athletes. As demonstrated by our first product, the A3 Jock, effective protection should never compromise user comfort.

Team: Kyle Yang (Stern ‘21) and Chen Ching Chen (Stern ‘21)


YouthConnect: a platform that gives inner-city lower-income students access to tailored programs, scholarships, and outside opportunities. 

Team: Kori Vernon (Tandon ‘22), Carlin Guervil (Gallatin ‘21)