Entrepreneurial Institute

Recap: How Things are Made Workshop

On Tuesday, October 15th Franklin Reitzas, Senior Prototyping Lab Guardian, led a prototyping workshop to help students and faculty understand prototyping technologies. The workshop, “How Things are Made” had participation from over 20 NYU entrepreneurs from schools across the University. During the session, Franklin simplified the processes of rapid prototyping with respect to the technologies available at NYU.

In addition to receiving an introduction to the prototyping technologies, the students were able to grasp how things around them are prototyped and produced. Attendees learned how everyday items like stamps and model rockets are created through 3D Printing and Laser Cutting.

Audience members discussed their own ventures and how these technologies can apply to them. After the session concluded, attendees visited the Prototyping Lab downstairs and received an abbreviated training on Laser Cutting. 

If you missed this workshop and are interested in learning more, not to worry - workshops are conducted semesterly and Prototyping Lab trainings take place weekly. Trainings happen every Thursday from 2-3pm at the NYU Leslie eLab. Participants will learn how to safely operate both the Laser Cutter and 3D printer. Upon completion, students gain access to our cutting edge technology and receive support on how to bring their ideas to life. Sign up for training.

The prototyping team is always adapting to the changing technological environment and updating the space to expand the prototyping process! Stay tuned for updates regarding new equipment and workshops. We look forward to working with you.