Let ChoreBug Do Your Chores For You

Are you a busy high school student looking for a side hustle? Or a busy adult looking for someone to take care of the bookshelf you’ve been putting off assembling for weeks? Look no further. ChoreBug is your answer. It's a service that connects high school students to community members who need help with odd jobs.


This week I sat down with the team (CAO Jenni Funt (Tandon ‘22), CEO and founder Avante Price (Stern ‘22), and CTO Oliver Leopold) behind ChoreBug. 


How did you all meet?  

We met through friends. 


How did the idea for ChoreBug come about? 

The service found its beginnings in Avante’s Evanston, Illinois neighborhood, where he was doing odd jobs to make extra money while in high school. He found jobs via flyers at coffee shops and posted around town. The concept garnered attention from his friends and classmates, which drove him to launch a platform to simplify the process. 


I’m a high school student looking to earn some money, walk me through how your service works. 

As of now, you must be a student attending one of ChoreBug’s active member schools. If you qualify, simply go on the website, create an account, and fill out a twelve question application. Once approved, you will receive automated texts notifying you about jobs in your area. 


I’m an adult in the neighborhood looking for a hand with some tasks, why should I use ChoreBug?  

ChoreBug is cheaper than other service apps and equally accountable.


The service costs $25/hr and service providers are paid a $15/hr flat rate. What is the wisdom behind using a flat rate? 

A flat rate combats the confusion caused by the traditional quote pricing competitors use. 

Most jobs require the same level of work, so pay should be the same. 


Talk about your audience. 

ChoreBug is geared towards high school students looking for work. Typically, these students have limited free time and are willing to do more difficult work for higher pay. 


Listed on your website is your mission - “ChoreBug aims to bring together socioeconomically segregated communities while teaching youth about responsibility through an entrepreneurial lifestyle.” Talk about bringing socioeconomically segregated communities together and how ChoreBug does that. 

The town in which Avante founded this service is very segregated socioeconomically. ChoreBug helps bring individuals from these different backgrounds together, bridging a troubling social gap. 


What is the trickiest part of your business? 

The hardest part is being taken seriously as a young team selling the work of high school students who are often seen as unskilled and unmotivated. We are tackling the issue by stressing our belief that the work young people are providing is up to par with that of handy workers at a lower price.


Who have been some mentors to you in your journey? What do you look for in a mentor?

Avante’s mom has been there for him emotionally and Jenni, having just joined the team, sees Avante as a good mentor. 


What are some Summer Launchpad highlights?

The guest speakers and the available coaches have provided us with many insights.


What would you tell other NYU students who may be considering starting their own startup? 

Young people tend to rely heavily on others. But, if you believe in your own capabilities, you can definitely do it on your own. Also, use being in school to your advantage! People have a hard time turning students away. 


Please describe each of your team members in one word. 

Jenni is always excited, Oliver is versatile, and Avante - a hustler.


The ChoreBug team is hard-working, confident, and bright. Be on the lookout for them!