Industry Deep Dive: The Future of Work

Getting your first job can sometimes conjure nostalgic memories if entered the workforce as a teenager. The typical movie trope is a young worker selling records at a local retailer or working at a local ice cream parlor. However, these jobs and what work looks like in the future is in debate as technology and disruptive business models make an impact on the employment landscape.


It is predicted that the majority of the US workforce will freelance by 2027. What will it take to prepare and be better equipped for this new future?


The future of work is an active topic that is being addressed by many in academia, government, industry, venture capital, and startup ventures. The common denominator in this topic is determining the role and impact technology will have. With advancements in artificial intelligence, AR/VR, blockchain and many other technologies that have far-reaching impact, it’s critical to revisit our understanding of work today. By evaluating the future of work landscape, it could deepen our understanding of potential weak spots or opportunities that need to be addressed. In order to have foresight it’s important to look at all angles of how the future of work is defined, understood, and the factors that led to how we perceive work today. Often the best skill to have in times of uncertainty is not so much technical, but the aptitude to analyze and learn the necessary skills to progress.


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