Building Your Personal Brand: 7 Tips to Land Your Dream Job

On November 16th, Gallatin Business Club (GBC) and Stern Entrepreneurial Club (EEG) held an event at the Leslie eLab on how to build your personal brand with recruiters from Publicis Groupe and Landmark Ventures. Whether you are job searching, starting a venture, or raising capital - establishing your brand is essential.

Here are 7 tactics for personal and professional branding shared by the guest speakers. These tips and real-world examples should help you present your unique entrepreneurial path!

  1. First Impression: Your resume is the first thing that a potential employer will see when screening for an open position, making your resume clear, concise, and free of simply typos is a key step in landing that dream job. Although a great resume won’t necessarily land you the job, a bad resume will surely turn off potential employers.
  2. Stand Out: Your resume should portray your personality and character. Allowing the employer to see not only your credentials but also your social interests can set you apart in a sea of cookie-cutter applicants.
  3. Easy Access: Your resume should be easily accessible from any device, we recommend always sending your resume as a PDF as it limits the possibility of formatting distortion.
  4. Stay Consistent: Your LinkedIn profile should be a similar and accurate representation of what you have on your resume. The last thing you want to do is confuse potential employers with a conflicting resume and LinkedIn profile.
  5. Storytelling: Your LinkedIn profile should tell a story, including extracurricular activities, and endorsements from past employers to further prove your excellence within a given subject area. LinkedIn is a great way to show off your unique skills and interests. Don’t hesitate to add details to your accomplishments on LinkedIn, unlike a resume you don’t need to keep it as concise.
  6. Network: Be proactive about reaching out to recruiters, it has been proven that personal connections significantly increase the likelihood of you landing a job. You cannot simply rely on job websites, as many jobs aren’t even posted online.
  7. Be Prepared: Most importantly, thoroughly prepare for your interview, have questions ready and show up with a positive and friendly attitude. You should be passionate about the company that you are interviewing with. An open mind and a smile go a long way!

Best of luck in your job search!

This event received funding from the NYU Entrepreneurs Network Collaboration Fund. The Collaboration Fund provides grants to help promote entrepreneurship across NYU via cross-club collaboration. Applications are considered on a rolling basis and must be filed jointly by at least 2 clubs within the NYU Entrepreneurs Network. Read more about the NYU Entrepreneurs Network here and apply for the Collaboration Fund here.