Entrepreneurial Institute

3 Things to Know About NYU's NEW Online Innovation Network

Grow Your Startup Idea from a Seed to a Tree

With a growing community of start-ups, idea sharing, and workshops, there is a definite need for a platform to host the knowledge shared amongst them all. The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute has partnered with Ideator, a platform that blends entrepreneurship and social media, to give everyone at NYU a platform for sharing their ideas and getting traction within the NYU community.


Here are 3 awesome features of Ideator to check out NOW:


1) #Goalsetting

#Goals is quite the popular culture trend... But what about #Goalsetting? @Everyone, let's get that hashtag trending! On Ideator, you can make goals and keep track of them all in one place. Seeing goals, sharing goals, and changing the status of goals will only quicken the progress of your ideas and Ideator helps you do this seamlessly.


2) What's Up Doc?

Bugs Bunny's catchphrase, 1972 flick with a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, but in all seriousness, people know what's up with your idea beyond plain text with collections of documents, images, and better yet, presentations! Ideator provides an excellent platform for sharing all of the stated... A great feature to use when sharing physical progress with others on the platform and updating the NYU Entrepreneurial Network on the progress of your idea. Keeping others updated on your idea with visual aids, similar to how you can upload samples of work to a "Project" on LinkedIn, will definitely help you gain traction within the NYU community and beyond. It is also an EXCELLENT practice space for gaining feedback on visual aids.


3) Resources.

The "Resources" section on Ideator is by far one of the best compilations of ideation resources within the NYU community. Most sources of support listed are notable startups that went through a similar process of ideation through either Ideator or other platforms. With listings of resources for creating mobile apps, developing your MVP (minimum viable product), sending kick-butt surveys, pitching decks, and much much more, you are sure to be able to develop your idea on Ideator with the best tools around that fit your needs and progress.

All-in-all, there is much to discover and many networking and growth opportunities at your fingertips by using Ideator. If you haven't already joined, register today with your NYU email! And check out awesome ideas by fellow NYU entrepreneurs!

The online community that Ideator provides, like our idea seedlings, will grow and become even more amazing with our participation. It's a win-win for the entrepreneurial spirit of NYU if we can use Ideator to share and develop our ideas alongside each other...

Leaving you with Ideator's Mission Statement...

We empower the world to innovate faster, smarter, and easier and form meaningful connections with other innovators. We do this by creating engaged communities of inspiring innovators
and providing access to incredible people, technology, and resources.

See you at the Leslie eLab and on Ideator soon!