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Announcing the Fall 2017 Ignite Fellowship Cohort Teams!

This year, 20 teams comprised of 30 individuals have been selected to participate in the Fall 2017 Ignite Fellowship. The Ignite Fellowship, an invite-only program, is for startups founded by current NYU students, researchers, and faculty in any field. The fellowship has grown from one to three cohorts with the mission of giving one-to-one coaching, peer-based mentorship and lessons learned from startup veterans and domain experts. Each week, teams learn how to apply lean skills to reach their venture objectives by the end of the program.

Each venture will contribute peer-to-peer best practices on day-to-day operations and growth, extensive coaching through the Blackstone LaunchPad at NYU, and access to exclusive perks and benefits.


Ignite Alpha Fellowship 2017 Cohort

Ignite Alpha is comprised of seven teams in the early stages of venture development. Each venture will be provided with advanced peer-to-peer learning opportunities and extensive coaching through the Blackstone LaunchPad at NYU.

Just Sit - A sustainable hardware product that will be used to reduce paper waste in restrooms. The goal of this toilet care system is to allow businesses to reduce the common habit of customers cleaning and preparing public toilet seats on their own due to anxiety with directly contacting dirty seats. Tayleur Hylton (Gallatin ‘18).

NGEMS - An Emergency Response System that gives first responders information about building occupancy and layout in order to help rescue victims during an emergency. Chetan Avinash Hasabnis (Tisch/ITP ‘18).

Playbook - An eReader curating venture development articles and blogs for startup founders.  
Jaime Hernandez (Stern ‘18) and Jeremy Spence (CAS ‘19).

Aduri -  A smart meditation cushion that helps amplify and track meditation practice.
Jesal Trivedi (Tisch/ITP ‘17).

ProActive - A digital platform that connects young adults to professionals for career exploration, through an engaging and personalized experience. Mi Sophia Lu (Steinhardt ‘18) and Anoil Saurina Maso (Tandon ‘18).

NYU Ability Project - An interdisciplinary research space dedicated to the intersection between disability and technology. Claire Kearney-Volpe (Tandon).

MLTRONS - An intelligent predictive forecasting tool using Artificial Intelligence  & Machine Learning algorithms to manage supply chains efficiently and mitigate the bullwhip effect for fashion retailers.
Muddassar Sharif (NYU Shanghai ‘18)


Ignite Pre-Seed Fellowship 2017 Cohort

This is a new cohort of recent NYU graduates  and postdocs that have shown significant progress towards validating problem-market fit, prototyping, business development, fundraising, and team-building. All ventures participated in the NYU Summer Launchpad Accelerator between 2015-2017, and two have gone on to complete in the Techstars NYC accelerator.  

Acculis - Workflow management software to reduce the complexity of BIM management through a single collaborative platform. Increase communication across teams by providing access to 3D models and real-time project data. Acculis completed the NYC Media Lab’s Combine and the 1776 Accelerator.
Darren Yee (Tandon ‘16), Chris Lysiuk (Tandon ‘15),  Ada Slusarczyk (Tandon ‘17), Nick Molinski (Tandon ‘16).

Ephemeral Tattoos - Bio-engineered inks are applied the same way as traditional tattoos, but have a shorter lifespan – giving you the freedom to get tattoos without a lifetime commitment. Ephemeral completed the Winter 2017 Techstars NYC cohort. Seung Shin (Tandon ‘15) and Joshua Sakhai (Stern ‘17).

Geopipe - Clever algorithms to turn 2D and 3D data into highly detailed 3D virtual models. Geopipe completed the NYC Media Lab’s Combine, Summer 2017 Techstars NYC cohort and won the 2017 $100K NYU Technology Venture Competition sponsored the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute as part of  W.R. Berkley Innovation Labs’ $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge. Christopher Mitchell (Courant ‘15).

My WellBeing - Matches patients with therapists and schedules initial consultations to help patients begin therapy and help therapists grow their caseloads. Alyssa Petersel (Silver ‘17).

NewsA.I. - A list building and email distribution tool for PR Professionals.
Julie Pan (CAS ‘16) and Abhi Agarwal (Gallatin ‘16).

Theatre Galleria - A virtual marketplace that connects and facilitates exchanges between theaters, theater professionals, prop houses and costume houses.
Jackie Kroeger-Donovan (Stern ‘18) and Bryna O’Neill (Steinhardt ‘10).

ShopDrop - Helps NYC fashion lovers discover sample sales so they can dress in brands they love for prices they can afford. Estee Goldschmidt (Stern ‘17).


Ignite Health Fellowship 2017 Cohort

This is a new cohort of current NYU students, postdocs, researchers, and medical professionals that have shown progress towards validating problem-solution fit, prototyping, and team building. Two ventures have completed the NSF-I Corps program. Each venture will be provided with advanced peer-to-peer learning opportunities and extensive coaching through the Blackstone LaunchPad at NYU.

Levitas - A wearable activity monitor to help caregivers keep track of their patients and prevent needless injury due to patient accidents in hospitals and nursing homes.
Amar Seoparson (Tandon ‘17) and Anthony Oganov (CAS ‘17).

PAYENT  - A medical bill payment solution platform that offers simplified payment solutions to the complex process of out-of-pocket billing. Kyung Hoon Lee (Wagner ‘18).

GeneCentrix -  An online computational tool to profile small molecules for drug discovery researchers in pharma and biotech companies to better predict adverse effects before the clinic. GeneCentrix completed the NSF I-Corps program. Doreen Tivon (NYU Langone Health) and Klara Felsovalyi (NYU Langone Health).

Ximio - Wearable devices consisting of smart watches that are interconnected into a team system to monitor, organize, support, and document Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) efforts during in-hospital and outpatient cardiopulmonary arrest scenarios (“codes”). Beno Oppenheimer (NYU Langone Health Faculty).

Energizing Solutions - Solutions to help elderly manage nutritional needs post-hospitalization.  
Jeannette Beasley (NYU School of Medicine Faculty).

qMind - Hardware solution with the quantitative means for evaluation of the quality of meditation for individuals concerned about their mental well-being. qMind completed the NSF-I Corps program.
Dino Dvorak (FAS) and Andre Fenton (FAS).


Save the date for a Lessons Learned Showcase on December 6, 2017 to see what 13 teams in Alpha and Health learned during the Ignite Fellowship.

If you are interested in learning about the Ignite Fellowship, please email the Blackstone LaunchPad at blackstonelaunchpad@nyu.edu.