Entrepreneurial Institute

Introducing the NYU Summer Launchpad 2016 Class

This week marked the start of the 4th cohort of the NYU Summer Launchpad, a 10-week accelerator for NYU student entrepreneurs providing skill-building workshops, 1:1 mentorship from Blackstone LaunchPad coaches, collaborative workspace and non-dilutive funding.

We received nearly 100 applications from across 13 NYU schools with interesting ventures in health IT, enterprise software, virtual reality hardware & software, food etc.. Ten teams were selected from this pool to receive $10,000 grant (zero equity), coaching and connections to help launch their ventures. These teams raised above the others because of the potential of their business, and even more importantly, because of the demonstrated potential of the startup team.

Congratulations to the 4th Cohort of NYU Summer Launchpad and they are...

Acculis is a powerful augmented reality and computer vision software with SaaS integration to aid in precision during modular construction, making construction practices more efficient and accurate down to the screw. Team: Darren Yee (Tandon '16), Chris Lysiuk (Tandon '17) Ada Slusarczyk (Tandon '17) and Nick Molinski (Tandon '16).

Centoku is creating AI based solutions for the retail and hospitality sector. Team: Prasant Sudhakaran and Eugene Kwak (both Stern '16).

CulturePass is an experience-based subscription model for arts and culture. We streamline discovery, booking and access to hundreds of activities like museums, plays and concerts for a fraction of the price. Team: Victoria Michelotti (Stern '16) and Aaron Marks.

Geopipe is a system that can automatically generate a high-quality model of the world for exploration and rendering founded by Christopher Mitchell (Courant '16) and Thomas Dickerson.

MediVis is seeking to change the way doctors and other medical professionals view information in the operating room. Team: Sean Kelly and Samanta Shi (both Shanghai '17).

MEG Cura is a medical device to monitor muscle activities and provide feedback to its customers. Team: Meshal Alhathal (Tandon '16) and Maryam Alkhaldi.

NewsAI is building a news intelligence tool for insights into trends, connections, and biases. NewsAI empowers journalists to be more productive. Team: Abhi Agarwal (Gallatin '16) and Julie Pan (CAS '16).

Sani prepares $5 meal replacements personalized to each person's unique dietary needs. Team: Sebastian Garcia (Stern '16) and Danielle Soto (Stern '16).

Theatre Galleria is an online marketplace for theatres and productions companies where they can buy, sell, rent, and list show/production materials. Team: Jackie Kroeger (Stern '17 & Steinhardt '10), Bryna O'Neill (Steinhardt '10).

VR Spectre is developing a virtual reality headset with an embedded eye tracking system to bring an affordable, high quality virtual reality experience for mobile users. Team: Jack Juda (Tandon '15), Edith Juda and Paul Juda (Tandon '20).

Over the next ten weeks, the teaching team, Frank Rimalovski and Lindsey Gray, along with 40+ Blackstone LaunchPad coaches will work with these teams to guide them as they launch their ventures. Stay tuned on updates on NYU/Yale Pitch Day and Venture Showcase events.