My first NYU Entrepreneurs Festival!

Sophie Danielle GershenwaldWorking to organize the 5th Annual Entrepreneurs Festival as the Director of Marketing was an incredible learning experience.  As a freshman joining the team, I was welcomed into a vibrant community of thirty incredibly creative, motivated, and experienced students who were eager to put on yet another amazing showcase of NYU’s entrepreneurial talents.

This year’s festival centered around the theme #buildyourvision and I could see attendees doing exactly that from the moment I walked into Tisch Hall on March 4th.  The excitement was palpable.  NYU students, alumni, and other community members came together during the two-day conference to learn through numerous roundtables, workshops, panels, and interviews with keynote speakers.  Each entrepreneur had a compelling story to tell and inspiring wisdom to share.

Though I had heard numerous stories about successful NYU entrepreneurs, I finally experienced the energy and drive behind the accomplishments firsthand at the NYU Entrepreneurs Festival.  The festival provided the perfect launching pad for newbies and an incredible opportunity for the more experienced to innovate, collaborate, and celebrate.  Sophie Danielle Gershenwald

Participating in this festival and getting both behind-the-scenes and participant viewpoints was a high point among the many entrepreneurial opportunities I’ve enjoyed at NYU. What a worthwhile experience to engage in such a fast-paced, ground-breaking community that’s as concerned with the success of its new startups as it is with its highly accomplished ones.  I can’t wait to continue to build my own vision by leveraging the support of the extraordinary entrepreneurial community at NYU.