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Meet the Spring ’16 Prototyping Fund Awardees!

We are pleased to announce the sixth cohort of NYU Prototyping Fund awardees! This semester, 10 teams comprised of 30 students representing seven NYU schools were selected to receive grants of up to $500, used to build hardware and software prototypes. Awardees receive training on how to build and test effective prototypes, as well as gain access to prototyping tools and materials.

Aeolian: sensors, microcontrollers, robotics, and a mobile app that talk amongst themselves to make intelligent decisions and control air quality at home. Xiaoyue Gong, Courant Institute; Andrew Chee, Stern; Yu Zhou and Yuting Gong; Shanghai

CanthRX: new innovative tools for a medical procedure called a lateral canthotomy that prevents permanent loss of vision. Manavjeet Sidhu, Stern; Paul Curtiss, Medicine; Harsheen Sidhu, Dentistry

Let it Grow: a soil ­hydration detection system along with an iOS app so users may monitor and water their plants wirelessly, from anywhere. Maksym Gusak, Sheng Xiang Guo and William Wong; Engineering

Artificial Creativity: robotic prototypes that paint, draw, and sculpt human creations. Craig Pickard, Tisch

Musical Mats: a wireless musical mat for children with disabilities that facilitates collaborative movement and sound projects. Jason Beck, Satbir Multani, Jared Friedman, and Osama Sehgol, Tisch

Emerge Computer: a sub­$60 personal computing system geared for emerging markets, based on schematics and design inspired by the open­sourced Kickstarter funded CHIP mini­computer, the Raspberry Pi. Karan Magu, Stern; Corey Moses, Engineering

Brainware InstruFACE: a biosensing system that controls an instrument set with facial expressions. Fan Hao Tsung, Yue Hu, Fengyuan Zhu and Peiyo Luo, Tisch

HDPE­ Composite Finger Splint: a finger splint built by rapid prototyping incorporated with original ongoing research on HDPE/fly­ash syntactic foams. Fei Chen and Ashish Singh, Engineering

ORION I Mars Rover: Varuna Robotics is a space robotics design team that participates in University Rover Challenge, ran by Mars Society. Dmytro Moyseyer, Kevin Veerasamy, Saadman Chowdhery and Mohit Lala, Engineering

GauntletVR: glove­shaped wearable electronics to naturally control VR contents through hand gestures. Marco Mezzavilla, Abhisek Pillai and Adhish Pathel, Engineering

Congratulations to the following teams for being selected for the Spring 2016 NYU Prototyping Fund awards!

The NYU Prototyping Fund is a collaborative program offered by the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and the Greenhouse at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

This program is for students who are passionate about building new products and have an idea for an innovative hardware or software technology.  And for the winners, the Project Showcase provides a great channel to learn from others and network. Be sure to check out our great resources at NYU to help you build and test new products and businesses.

Resources to learn how to prototype:

Prototyping Month at the Greenhouse: A series of pop­up workshops organized by the Greenhouse at the NYU School of Engineering to help you experiment with your ideas, bring them to life, and improve them.

InnoVention: A venture competition that challenges NYU students to prototype and pitch commercially viable ideas for real world problems. Learn more here.

Resources to build your prototype:

Leslie eLab Prototyping Lab: A collaborative space for students, faculty, and researchers from across NYU to develop their ideas into successful startups. The Leslie eLab has a prototyping lab equipped with state of the art prototyping equipment including a laser cutter, 3D printers, arduinos, and more. For notifications on programs and events at the Leslie eLab, sign sign up for our newsletter.

NYU LaGuardia Studio: A state of­ he­art facility and technology resource for the NYU community. The AMS provides professional services in museum­grade wide­format archival digital printmaking, laser cutting and etching, rapid prototyping/3D printing, 3D scanning and project development consultation. To request a consultation, or to schedule a visit, please see their website.